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Love: The only label I need

I was tagged in this completely magical video recently and I had to share it with you.

Labels have destroyed so much of the world. Since I left the military and started traveling those labels no longer mean as much to me. I have seen kindness and love from my fellow humans all over the world.

I no longer care the colour of your skin, your religion or your socio-economic background. I care that you and I are spiritual beings having a human experience. Don’t get me wrong I fully appreciate there are bad people in this world but I do not pigeon hole them purely based on race or colour.

The ‘arseholes’ are just that – arseholes. They don’t need a colour or race or religion to stand behind as a reason for being an arsehole. They just are! No matter the label we have given them.

Despite my worldly views and global travels and love of life; my circle of friends is small and those I intensely love is even smaller.

As my beautiful cousin and dear friend said to me recently – ‘I am friends with a select few these days. People that inspire me. (You are one of those) People that give. People that care. People that have chosen to rise above. People that love.’

I have the following labels to I identify with: feminist, veteran, sober alcoholic, endurance athlete, warrior, hippy, gypsy, amazon queen, plant-based, daughter, sister, Australian, vagabond. But mostly I am LOVE!

I love life, running, cycling, my mother, my family, my friends, my adventures, my scars, my interactions with others, my dogged determination to achieve my goals, my tiger balm on sore muscles, your laughter, my laughter, my strength, my powerful body, the eyes of children, the nudge of a puppies nose, my connection with God, the smell of fresh cut grass, roses, tattoos, the colour of the sky, mountains, rivers, food, the sound of birds singing and of course, my hear and soul!

Are you love?

Blessed Be
Robyn xox


Inspirational quotes for 10 Oct 2013…

One of the most inspirational people I have ever met was Jack Canfield.  Two of his quotes that I love are below!

“There are essentially two things that will make you wise — the books you read and the people you meet.”- Jack Canfield

“The true task of spiritual life is not found in faraway places or unusual states of consciousness. It is here in the present. It asks of us a welcoming spirit to greet all that life presents to us with a wise, respectful, and kindly heart. We can bow to both beauty and suffering, to our entanglements and confusion, to our fears and to the injustices of the world. Honoring the truth in this way is the path to freedom.” – Jack Canfield

If you need a little inspiration today check out Jack’s website at Jack Canfield


One day I plan on having this man write the foreword to one of my books!

Blessed be

Robyn xox

Trust your journey…

trust your journey

For many years I have taken the path less traveled even though I have been a in a “semi-standard” 9-5 job.  It is not my dream career nor is it my passion but I have had to trust the journey.  As I walk the many steps each day I am heading more and more into my own passion.  Love, laughter, a healthy dose of curiosity and faith guide me today.

May you trust your journey too!

Blessed Be

Robyn xox