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Week 3 – Operation Blackall 100 – Challenge to Ring the Bell

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Week 2 is done and dusted and Week 3 is upon me.

So how was the past week. I failed to feel any love whatsoever with training this week which is ironic given I spent the week learning how to coach IRONMAN triathletes.

I did all my sessions except for the swim yet I hated almost ever bloody moment of it. It has been hot and humid and downright bloody horrible conditions to train in. Running on the roads/footpaths here is just horrendous!

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 11.55.29 am

I miss my trails around Noosa National Park, the forestry around my parents old house and mostly I miss running with my Skinny Dog.


Skinny didn’t always come running with me, she was 12 after all. But I loved taking her for little runs. I have felt very sad about her dying just before I left to come traveling and have even had a few nights where I just wanted to cry myself to sleep. Living in a dorm has made that one less likely. She was my best mate!

I did wonder this week if my emotional state and almost hatred of training had to do with anything else. Quite frankly it probably does. I have now been away from home 137 days or 4 months and 15 days. Not the longest I have been away for but still it is a long time.


I miss my Mumma! I miss my family, I miss cups of tea on the back porch and I miss home… As I have chosen to be traveling and away from home I guess I need to feel the feelings and then get on with it!

So what does Week 3 have install for me:

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 11.56.00 am

Can’t say I am excited about this week either but specificity is key (the coach loves that).

I do think the fact that I am missing crossfit and yoga are more the issues than just the running. I love the idea that I am going to be running 100km but it is through the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland and I am training in very different circumstance.

Okay okay I know I am whining and having a downright sob story but there is no use me coming on here and saying ‘yippy training is going bloody amazing’ when it is not. I am nothing if not authentic and I refuse to sugar coat that I am struggling to get up and train.

I do have some good news! I found a Yin Yoga studio not far from here… A much deeper internet search revealed a lot more yoga on Penang Island. Most of it is not accessible for the transport-less but Sunalini Yoga Studio is close by. So I will be hitting them up on Wednesday night!

So coach in all likelihood the chances of me swimming are slim, I will try and work on that! But I will get the rest done however messy it is.

Do you go through periods of the ‘I can’t be f**ked’ when your training? What do you do to overcome those feelings? I’d love to hear from you.

Tell then I am going to study, eat, train, sleep and repeat!

Blessed Be
Robyn xox


Plant-Based Endurance Athlete Commitment

Be Daring

This is not an April Fool’s Joke! I repeat this is not an April Fool’s Joke!

So here goes!!! I am fully committing to a plant-based lifestyle….. Yep I am a celibate, sober, plant-based, yoga loving, endurance athlete!!! LMAO this literally makes me a complete outlier and paradigm breaking freak!!! I’m ok with that!

2016-03-22 09.45.33

I have been flirting with being a plant-based athlete for quiet some time now. But today, 1 April 16 I am committing to being Plant-Based! No more flexetarian which means no more seafood and no more cheese. Oh pizza I am sorry but our love affair is over! (Note: I decided to eat one on the 30 Mar for lunch just to say goodbye!!! Breakup lunch if you could call it that.)

In the past I have had a lot of people question where I was going to get my protein from. So for those that think being plant-based athlete is not doable and I need to get my protein from meat sources check out these guys and girls:

Rich Roll By the way Rich’s Podcast has many other plant based athletes including a NFL player and a NASCAR driver!
http://www.nomeatathlete.com/ Matt Frazier is an absolute legend that has helped plant-based being accessible to everyone.
Brendan Brazier  No words!! This man is a machine and a very intelligent one at that!!

Want more:

Great Vegan Athletes  SO MANY athletes here!

Now I might be an endurance athlete but I also love Crossfit so to all the Paleo freaks that might not like this next link but not my problem! Vegan Crossfitters do exist! Vegan Crossfitter

Aside from cheese and some fish I did the Davao 50km Ultramarathon (where I came first in my age group and 4th female overall) without other animal proteins! The only reason I had the fish was because I was staying with friends and felt it would have been unfair to ask them to cook 3 different meals. My friend eats fish and eggs but no other animal proteins and his wife and remainder of the family ate a standard Filipino diet. I felt it was not my place to ask for her to cook me special meals!


I am well aware that sometimes I will have no control over what I am consuming. I might order a curry dish in Malaysia and not realise it has fish sauce in it. I am not going to get overly concerned while I travel but I will do my very best not to consume animal products.

That said I am still going to have honey. Strict vegans wouldn’t eat honey but in all honestly I have an emotional connection to honey that runs very deep. My father was a bee keeper so I understand the practice of bee keeping and honey production. I also feel my fathers presence every time I put a spoonful of honey into a cup of tea or a bowl of porridge. I am not giving up that feeling!

I also in contrast to strict vegans I still have some leather products. I purchased them long before my plant-based journey started and I feel it would be irresponsible of me to simple discard them. I will no longer purchase leather products were possible.

I have recently discovered you can buy Vegan Birkenstocks. I am really praying they bring out a few more different styles before my current ones finally are unwearable. I’d like to purchase a Vegan pair but at present honestly the ones they have now are pretty ugly! I still want to be stylish… that said I am a backpacker at the moment and there is nothing stylish about my current look!

I may change my mind at some point and revert to another type of eating lifestyle but it will come, as going plant-based did, with informed self research and mindfulness.

Are you plant-based? I’d love to hear your story!

Blessed Be


Noosa Trail Network…Walking again

The Noosa Trail network has 8 trails with over 100kms of dedicated walking, mountain-biking and horse riding trails throughout the Noosa Hinterland.  So now that I have recently discovered a deeper love for walking, plus I have a partner who LOVES walking, I have started walking again.

After climbing my favourite mountain, Cooroora Mt, on New Years Day with Ignasi, we have since walked the Cudgerie Trail, explored the trails just around Cudgerie and finally walked along trails 7 and 8 from my parents home in Cudgerie Estate to the top of Cooroora Mt and back.

There are some bigger walks over 22km and if you link trails 3, 4, 5 & 7 a massive 62km trail which I am far more inclined to attempt now that I have walked across Spain.  Amazing what walking nearly 800kms will do for your walking confidence.  I’m even tempted to complete the 40km Noosa Hinterland Circuit in one day at some point.  Tempted but not fully convinced as yet.

1511296_10152084207021421_61923447_n1512638_10152126342081421_1207582030_n1538909_10152128121701421_871318323_nphoto-1photo-2For 20 years the trails have been maintained so that locals and visitors alike can see a completely different side of Noosa.  A side I tend to feel is just as stunning as Noosa National Park.  Then again I come from the hinterland so I am biased!

Where are you walking today?

Blessed Be
Robyn xox