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New Year New You…Bullshit!

Version 2I know I am a little late but it still is that time of year again… New Year New You … I’m calling Bullshit!

Don’t get upset about my swearing and the fact that I’m calling bullshit on resolutions does really sound funny when it is coming from me. I am all about creating a new and wonderful life for myself but truth is that on the whole New Years Resolutions suck! Gonna do this, gonna do that crap just doesn’t work. Least not for this little chica! Ok so I am not really a chica anymore but just go with me for now.

As much as I hate the concept of New Year New You, I am actually been pretty good at making resolutions over the years. Many years I have sat down and written out a list of goals that I wanted to achieve. I have not necessarily done this at New Year.

This year as I sat at the top of Mount Kinabalu I wondered what the coming year ahead would bring. 2016 is going to be an interesting year. I am traveling semi-solo (I keep meeting people and planning to meet with them so hence the semi-solo) for the majority of the year and then returning to Australia for my younger brothers wedding to his wonderful bride whom I already call my sister-in-law.

I already have many goals mapped out for 2016.

Fitness: 1 x 50km ultra marathon and 1 x 100km ultra marathon and finally riding from Brisbane to Bondi with my coach and a group of other crazy nutters from the 26-30 Dec – that is going to be an epic 40th Birthday present to myself!
I am also doing a 200 hour yoga teachers course in India as well as completing some fitness coaching courses. Reminds me I need to finalise that payment of the course!

Health/Diet: I have been heading towards Plant-Based eating for some time now and this year I will be working even harder towards that. It is difficult traveling because I am not so sure if the food I am eating is completely meat free but to date I am still eating seafood and the occasionally dairy (chocolate is my weakness on long hikes!).  Awareness of what I am eating and how I am fueling my body for my general health as well as my fitness is all I can really ask when I am not in a position to cook my own food.

Travel: Perhaps the biggest part of this years goals in travel. I am currently sitting in Brunei, my 51st country but over the next few months I am going to: Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar, Laos, Malaysia (mainland) and India for the second time. I am also debating if I can fit in other countries while I am at it but slow travel is more economic and with my studies and work it is also more practical!

Studies/Work: I am working my way through a course (or 2) as I travel and they will be the basis of a new and exciting adventure to come. For now I will continue to keep that a little close hold as it won’t feature till mid year.

Love: So this is not about romantic love but love for myself, life and others. While I was walking down Mount Kinabalu I realised I still have a lot of hang ups and issues pertaining to love. My romantic love history is pretty damn depressing and part of that comes from not thinking I am worth my soul mate or that I missed the boat and they doesn’t exist. One of the last guys I dated told me because I was ex-Army, training for an Ironman and independent that I was more boy than him! I guess the old saying – strong women intimate boys and excite men… Would the real men stand up and be noticed. So I guess what I am saying here is that with all the travel, adventure, study and fitness I actually don’t have room in my life for a partner but I am open and willing to work on myself so that when life presents me with an opening for love of a romantic nature I will be ready.

Minimalism: This will be my hardest area.. I am currently traveling with WAY TOO MUCH SHIT!!! Seriously, I travel all the time and yet I am still the queen of over-packing and generally just carting way too much crap with me! I think I need to just be ruthless and ditch what I haven’t worn since I left Australia a month ago!! Yes there are clothes I haven’t worn in a month that I am still carrying!!

So why do I call Bullshit on New Year New Me? I find a lot of people don’t put any thought or real consideration into their goals. I have all the details of my goals mapped out.  Timelines for completion dates and milestones. After I hit those goals and dates I will be sharing them but for now it is time to explore Brunei before I hit the road again!

Tell me, do you have a plan for 2016?

Blessed Be

Robyn xox


June: the month of being ovo-lacto vegetarian….

Many years ago I experienced trouble eating red meat.  Every time I attempted to cook a streak or mince I would be physically sick.  Obviously this scared the hell out of me as I am a born and breed farm girl and we’ve had both beef and dairy cattle.  Just to be on the safe side I had a pregnancy test and confirmed I wasn’t pregnant but still had no idea why I couldn’t handle cooking red meat.

I still to this day struggle to cook any form of red meat at home and for many years have either gone out for steak or had someone else cook it for me.  Even then it was only a couple of times a month that I can physically stomach consuming red meat.

On a recent trip to Vietnam I was looked inwards and started making a number of changes in my life.  Though going vegetarian wasn’t really in my thoughts it was whilst sitting in a little cafe eating a pho with pork strips that I realised I didn’t want to eat meat of any sort for a little while.

Vegetarian June then came to life.

Looking up what vegetarianism meant to the wider community I realised there were many different forms and motives related to why people choose not to eat meat or animal products.  I was not choosing to go vegetarian from an individual ethical point of view.  Rather this was a desire not to consume meat for a period of time therefore I decided I would be an ovo-lacto vegetarian.

Ovo-lacto vegetarianism includes animal/dairy products such as eggs, milk, and honey. The terminology stems from the Latin lac meaning “milk” as in ‘lactation’, ovum meaning “egg”, and the term vegetarian, so as giving the definition of a vegetarian diet containing milk and eggs.

Only five days in and the only thing that has caused me a little discomfort is the fact that I have 10 rashers of bacon in my freezer.  I am going to take these offending little pieces of meat, that are causing me to not want to open the freezer to get anything out, into work for one of the girls to take home.  The idea of this meat taunting me for the rest of the month is not appealing and neither is the thought of throwing out perfectly good food for someone else to consume.

The body however does do strange things when you change its normal diet.  Headaches and a few body pains but I feel lighter and less bloated after a meal.

The interesting thing for me is that my life list contains being a vegetarian for 6 months, so whilst I choose to be vegetarian for the month of June and I now have only 25 days to go…. wonder if I will want to consume meat after this!  I might just be able to check off another goal on my life list.

Blessed Be

Robyn xox

12WBT – Committing to a new me…

I have been lacking motivation to get out of bed in the mornings and train.  In fact for years I could probably say I lacked motivation for one excuse or another.  So when I saw a post on a Facebook that a girl I knew had committed to 12WBT I was at first thinking what on earth is she talking about.  Google (one of my favourite websites) showed that 12WBT was 12 Week Body Transformation by Michelle Bridges.  For those not in the know she is a personal fitness trainer on Australia’s ‘The Biggest Loser’.

As I started reading through the website I realised this quite possibly was just what I needed to kick myself in the butt and get off the couch (I do note the irony that I am blogging about this on my butt on the couch) and get back the Robyn that I love.  Not this person who recently turned 35 and noticed that my butt actually is the same size as Kim Kardashian’s but her’s is toned and not slipping down the back of her thighs slowly.

Interestingly, Kim Kardashian body measurements are 38:26:39 and mine are 38:32:38 so whilst hips and bust are the same she has a super tiny waist.  I am not aiming at all to get my waist that small.  I would like to get to 30 but I am not doing this to shrink my body size.  My goal is to lose the excess weight creeping onto my hips, stomach and thighs.  Tone and strengthen the rest of my body and get back into running and generally just feeling amazing.

So I have now completed 5 of the preseason tasks.  Task 1 was to ‘Introduce Yourself’, so on the site I gave my brief profile and explained to them that I was once a fit soldier and now a lazy Dubai resident.   Task 2, ‘ Get Real’, I looked at my excuses and the truth about my lack of fitness is pretty hard to ignore – I have done it too myself.  Task 3, ‘Set Your Goals’ was a interesting challenge for me.  I really debated if I wanted to run then realised my life list has that I want to compete in a marathon and I realised that in almost one year to the day the Dubai Marathon will be on.  So tick; 12 month goal is to complete the Dubai Marathon.  My other goals include climbing Mt Toubkal and Kilimanjaro with maximum strength and fitness.

Task 4, ‘Gear Up’ is not hard for me, I own workout clothes, I have two gyms in the building I live in and there are plenty of safe areas to train outside (during the cooler months).  Ipod and heart-rate monitor are both ticks, though I think I need to replace the battery on my heart-rate monitor. Task 5, ‘Say It Out Loud’ is pretty simply after honestly looking at myself in the previous tasks.  So I have committed myself to Michelle’s 12WBT challenge and I am now telling the world.  The next few weeks will include looking at my timetable and planning, my kitchen (might need to put some food other than ice-cream and 4/20 pies in the fridge).

So Sunday 12 February 2012 is the official start of my body transformation and I hope that you are all there with me supporting me and giving me an extra reason to train and blog about it so I don’t fall even further behind and my butt reaching the back of my knees.  Unpleasant thought that one is.  Here is to life, health and fitness oh and yes I am petrified that I won’t go through with this which is why I am blogging about it.  Keeping myself accountable and on track.

Blessed be, Robyn xox