People I think are amazing!

So this page is about the people I think are amazing! They are inspirational and pivotal in my life. Even if they don’t even know it!



Rich Roll  So anyone that knows me knows I am obsessed with Rich Roll and his book Finding Ultra and his podcast The Rich Roll Podcast (both can be found on his website). As a recovering alcoholic plant-based endurance athlete he is kind of my idol! Totally in love with his honesty and how he and his wife have opened their relationship up to the world through their books, podcasts and social media! If you aren’t following him you are missing you!!



Sarah Somewhere  Sarah is my soul sister who blogs about ‘Discovery the beauty of an imperfect journey’. After meeting Sarah in Playa Del Carmen in August 2013 (wow was it that long ago!) and we have kept in contact ever since! Our journeys have intersected many times leading me to know we are soul sisters!  If you value personal development and imperfect progress jump on over and follow her love!



Catra Corbett Where do I start with Catra?! Amazing amazing amazing!!! She is an ultrarunner who has a past that makes you realise that you can go to the depths of hell and come back again!!! She has been my inspiration in my running journey and my goal for my 50km was to beat her ‘dogs’ time! Yep I wanted to be a dog and I did! 😀 Still I love this woman and her enthusiasm for her dog and running!

Only 3 for now but I will update when I find the right words for the other people that inspire me!

Blessed Be
Robyn xox