Life List

Updated: 25 March 2016

Creating my best life ever has included writing up a life list.  I sat down one day in December of 2010 and wrote this list.  Progressively I have been checking it off.

1. Climb Mt Triglav, Slovenia – CHECK

2. Climb Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania – CHECK

3. Walk the Great Wall of China – CHECK – I actually did a marathon on the Great Wall….

4. Travel the Trans-Siberian Railway

5. Visit Romania – CHECK

6. Write and publish a book – CHECK

7. Own a little cabin in the middle of nowhere

8. Visit Gallipoli on ANZAC Day 2015

9. Do the Inca Trail

10. Do a Triathlon – CHECK – Did an IRONMAN just for kicks! 😉

11. Do a Marathon – CHECK

12. Have a white Christmas

13. Read all the book religion books (Torah, Bible and Quran)

14. Read 100 classic novels

15. Be a film extra

16. Adopt a child

17. Be vegetarian for 6 months

18. Do a Thai cooking course in Thailand

19. Create a personal website/blog – CHECK

20. Sew a quilt

21. Go a month with no TV

22. Send a message in a bottle

23. Spend a month in a monastery

24. Visit 100 countries – 54 out of 100

25. Volunteer in a third world country

26. Learn a language

27. Do a photography course

28. See the 7 natural wonders of the earth: Aurora Borealis, Grand Canyon, Paricutin, Mount Everest, Harbour of Rio de Janerio.  Seen: Great Barrier Reef & Victoria Falls.  2 OUT OF 7

29. Climb Mt Ararat, Turkey

30. Visit Australian Battlefields

31. Visit Vietnam – CHECK

32. Walk the Kokoda Track

33. Ice skate in Central Park on Christmas Eve

34. Colour festival in India Rajasthan

35. Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

36. Own goats

37. Spend a week in the wilderness alone (no phones/computers etc)

38. Cycle trip throughout a country

39. Visit Antarctic

40. Meet a lovely lady named Olivia 🙂

41. Go to Tasmania

42. Climb Mt Cooroy, Mt Coolum, Mt Cooran and Mt Cooroora in one day

43. Snowboard in Bulgaria – CHECK (didn’t expect to break tailbone doing this!)

44. Climb Mt Kosciuszko (NSW), Mt Bogong (VIC), Bimberi Peak (ACT), Bartie Frere (QLD), Mt Ossa (TAS), Mt Zeil (NT), Mt Woodroffe (SA) and Mt Meharry (WA)

45. Drive across America

46. Lives somewhere that snows

47. Get published in a travel magazine

48. Full sleeve tattoo ~ CHECK completed 26 Mar 2013

49. Read war and peace

50. Do a TEFL course and teach in third world countries – SEMI CHECK – I have done the course haven’t taught yet….

Whether I will write “CHECK” next to each item on this list is not really relevant but if I don’t put it down in writing and let the universe know what I want to achieve there is little change I will.

Blessed Be

Robyn xox


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