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Week 11 – Operation Blackall 100 – Challenge to Ring the Bell

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 10.17.38 pmSo straight up, apologies for not posting weeks 9 and 10. No real reason why other than that I was just being flat out lazy! Well not quite true. While I won’t bother going back completely over what has happened, I certainly didn’t have a solid 2 weeks. I had a lot of my study to finish before I left Penang and also didn’t have a great end to my stay. I won’t go into detail on that matter but in the end I was very glad to be leaving.

My introvert side needed to be acknowledged and supported which meant I distanced myself from most people around me.

I arrived in Myanmar and hooked up with a great group of guys and ended up traveling most of the time with two guys. They were just what I needed to laugh and have a good time without worrying about anything. We tripped around on scooters, bikes, hiked steps and avoided monkeys while checking out the magical Myanmar sights. Though sadly I got a little sick while I was there. Between IG issues, a blocked tear duct (this hurts like bloody all hell) and constant headaches meant I wasn’t a happy runner.

The training mood changer happened after arriving in Bangkok! Yesterday was the IRONMAN Asia-Pacific Championship in Cairns. A number of my fellow Mavericks Alliance Athletes were racing. Including my Coach  Dan McTainsh  After watching him race, I knew it was time to get my blogging and butt back into gear.

So what does this week look like……

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 9.42.47 am

LOL yep this week certainly fits with my lazy side!!!

Poor Coach was so focused on his race that he can be forgiven for not posting this weeks training program! Don’t worry I did let on that I didn’t have a program and it will be corrected when he surfaces again. So this morning I did 1 hour of yoga and my strength sets. Tonight, I catch the overnight train to Chiang Mai and then will be there for the remainder of the week and maybe half of next week. All depends on my Indian Visa and how quickly I get my research project completed.

I am hoping to find some trails either in Chiang Mai or Laos because once I get to India my running will take a back foot while I complete my Yoga Teacher Training.

So again apologies for the lack of updates and next Monday we will be fully back at it!

Did you do something epic on the weekend?

Blessed Be
Robyn xox


Week 7 – Operation Blackall 100 – Challenge to Ring the Bell

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 10.17.38 pm

Some days I think to myself – why must you choose crazy races? Surely you can just start doing half marathons and half IRONMANs and just get the whole endurance thing out of your head and heart…… but see that is the problem or the good thing, they are in my head and my heart.

Last week after deciding to stay in Penang, I got some solid training in. Again the weather stopped my PM run on Thursday and Friday’s I was going to do in the afternoon as well but alas the weather was again feral. Normally I don’t care about training in the rain but lightening is a whole different story!!

So this is how last week ending up:

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 9.27.22 am

Pretty happy with 52.6km… what scares me through is my coaches comment on this weeks… 7 weeks to 100km week! Eek!

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 9.25.36 am

This week will be another fairly big week with closer to 60km on the pavement. Though I am going to try and head out to one of the parks and get some trail running in. Though it is proving rather difficult to find out just where the bloody trails start! Ah the joy of not running in your own backyard! I miss you Noosa!

The weather is also looking great… NOT! Apparently the wet is upon us!

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 9.26.06 am

I don’t often plug other peoples books but this week I read Trail Blazer: My Life as an Ultra-distance Trail Runner by Ryan Sandes. Ryan is not only wickedly fast but a pretty down to earth character as well. He raced in the Australia The North Face 100 over the weekend so reading his book at the same time was kind of cool! Ryan has won all 4 of the 4 Desert races and a plethora of other ‘bucket list’ races. He is also a Salomon Athlete (pipe dream) and RedBull sponsored!

(Credit: RedBull Website)

(Credit: RedBull Website)

Perhaps one of the strangest (and I might add best!) takeaways I got from his book was to do with RedBull… okay okay we all know I love my RedBull but it was how he raced and trained with it! He mixes it with water!!! Why the hell didn’t I think of that before!!! So here’s to drinking watered down RedBull on all my long runs and races!

(Credit: RedBull Website)

(Credit: RedBull Website)

What are you training plans this week?

Blessed Be,
Robyn xox

“my slow run pace” REALLY!!!

“My slow pace of a 7 min mile”

Who the hell are these freaking people kidding!

Okay, this is a little bit of a rant! As you all know I am pretty much into my endurance racing but what I am not into is a blog or Facebook post that seems to imply that if you are running 10 minute miles you are not a runner. I get that pace and feeling slow is all relative to the individual but to imply for all runners that a 7 minute mile is slow is just well BULLSHIT!

Pictures of tiny little young runners that might not be elite level but they are still well and truly in the ‘faster’ crew! Saying they are slow because they ran a half marathon in 1.5 hours! Jog on!!!

So what is my truth! I am a 11.25 to 09:20 minute a mile runner! Yep I can fluctuate a lot during my running. I generally run half marathons in just over 2 hours but guess what – IT DOESN’T BLOODY MATTER WHAT SPEED YOU DO!

Sure, I would actually like to run quicker and when I was younger I did! But I am now 39 and I am training for a 100km ultra-marathon. And cause I am freaking crazy it is an up and down crazy ultra-marathon… some days I do wonder why I can be normal and just find a nice small 10km… who the hell I am I kidding I had ‘sprinting’ a 10km. I honestly would rather run for 4 hours at a steady pace than try to run 10km under 1 hour.

IMG_888939 going on 9 some days!!

So here is my message to you! If you run, you are a runner! If you ride a bike, you are a cyclist! If you swim laps, you are a swimmer! And if you do IRONMANs or ultra-marathons like me, well you are crazy!! Kidding, well maybe not but you are an athlete! You are all athletes.

Shaming people who are doing “their” best by implying that your run is slow is not healthy. We should be supporting anyone that wants to get fit or to that matter anyone that wants to have fun and move their bodies!

So to the 22 year old that is whinging because she is running a slow 7 minute mile – enjoy your running, be grateful that you can run – many people don’t have the ability or the privilege to be able to run, try to beat yourself next time, smile because you are alive! Don’t whine that you are slow, celebrate because you are doing it!

This morning I ran for 1 hour and did 9.28km. In 89% humidity and 28 degrees Celsius; have I told you I hate humidity! By the time I got back to my hostel there wasn’t a inch of clothing that wasn’t wet. I crossed paths with other runners, walkers and tai chi groups. Each set of people smiled at me (through most of the runners looked like me dripping wet rats!) and even the street sweeps said good morning. I count this mornings run as a bloody good start to the day!

So if you are a slow runner, drop the word slow! You are a runner! Period!

Rant over! 😀

Blessed Be,