Pure and Lean – Re-schooling my nutritional mindset

So as you all know I recently went plant-based but what you don’t know is that also just did a re-school pertaining to my nutrition. I didn’t have much if any weight to lose (especially as it started two weeks after my first 50km ultramarathon) but it was more of the mental re-school I needed. I went completely plant-based on the 1 April and I feel about 1000% better. Aside from my one day of being ill from eating deep fried crap; yep there are plenty of crappy vegan options out there too, I am making much better health options and I have no guilt when I eat a treat!


Okay I know I changed it to black and white but the lighting was different in both pictures and looked really bonkers. I also realise it doesn’t look like much physically has changed on my body and really it didn’t need to. That said I am so happy to see my stomach looking much flatter!
So where did I do this re-school? Online with Anthony Noud from Pure and Lean Nutrition System. What can I say!! Amazing! I didn’t come to the re-school to lose any weight. The fact that I am an endurance athlete who has a pretty damn good figure meant it wasn’t about my actual figure. I didn’t need to lose weight but I did need to adjust my thought process around food and to not feel guilty about eating.

I have struggled for a long time with feeling guilt when I would eat a pizza or lots of chocolate and other crap etc this was compounded by the fact I was wanting to move towards a plant-based diet both for my racing.

My relationship with food is now so much clearer and I have even found myself not wanting the ‘unhealthy cheat’ meals but choosing better options most of the time. I have no guilt when I’ve had a massive meal that made me happy because I consciously knew why I was eating the foods.

I can’t thank Anthony enough for the process and it was from the very first client call that I knew the process was going to be challenging but rewarding. It was in that first call that I realised a lot of why I mindlessly eat has to do with abandonment. If you have been reading my blog you will know my history with losing my father and crappy relationships has caused that feeling but what I didn’t realise is that I was eating mindlessly because of it.

It helped me to be very conscious of the choices I make at restaurants and let’s face it I am eating out nearly every meal while I am traveling as it is super cheap. So I focus on what I am eating and if it serving my goals.

I look forward to working with him in the future when I will require more nutritional planning for my next epic endurance goals! I don’t want a repeat of my GI distress from the IRONMAN on my next endurance races!

The re-school also had an interesting side affect. Like the process of decluttering it really helped me focus on my studies. I have one assessment left on my IRONMAN Coaches Course. I keep kicking goals on my Life Coaching Cert IV and have decided to read Warrior Goddess Training as my book critique and add those elements into my coaching practice! We all know how much of a warrior goddess I am so why not embrace that! Lastly in terms of courses in Jul/Aug I head to India to do my yoga teachers course. Just a little excited about that one. The business plan and structure for my coaching business is developing really well and I am feeling so balanced in pretty much all aspects of my life!

I still ebb and flow with my motivation for training some days in the heat of Penang but I found Yin and Hatha Yoga over the weekend. Bonus it is walking distance so combining that with my running is already making a huge mental difference! If only I could find a Crossfit gym that close!

If you want to rethink your nutrition then the re-school program will do just that and more! LOL and ladies, Anthony is pretty easy on the eye when you do Skype calls and is charming to listen to when on one of his webinars. I might be celibate but I still have a pulse!  Shhh don’t tell him 😉

So what are you waiting for… get in contact with Anthony and re-school your nutrition…Click here for re-school You won’t regret it.

Blessed Be
Robyn xox

P.S. I am an advocate of real food diets. I don’t take unnecessary pills, supplements or huge quantities of protein (in fact I consistently have less than is ‘recommended’ because that is what feels best for me). I place more value on education and eating real foods than taking pills and apparent short cuts that potentially in the long run won’t serve you.

P.P.S This is not a paid advertisement for Pure & Lean Nutrition System. I loved doing the process and what Anthony teachers is valuable information to ensuring your eating is a love story and not a battle ground! All opinions are my own!


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