Week 1 – Operation Blackall 100 – Challenge to ‘Ring the Bell’

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 10.17.38 pmThe challenge if you choose to accept – run 100km along the Sunshine Coast Great Walk and other sections of the Mapleton National Park covering the Blackall Range to ring a cowbell!

You would be mad to accept it… good thing I am mad!!! Challenge accepted!

While this challenge is not the longest total distance race I have done (IRONMAN is 226km) it will be the longest and most difficult running event I have set out to complete.

My dedication to training after the Davao 50km Ultramarathon was in a word WOEFUL!!! While I was having a great time doing yoga and laying on beaches in the Philippines I was also pretty much actively avoiding running. Deep down I knew that I was in a pretty bad emotional spot in regards to training.

So did my coach! He emailed me with a loving arse kicking with the right amount of challenge, arse kicking and motivation!

Coach Motivation

Coach’s Motivation

So today is 29 weeks till race! Monday’s will hereon in be known for updates and progress reports for Operation Blackall 100 – Challenge to Ring the Bell. Each Monday morning I will post my weekly training program and for subsequent weeks (after this post) my training completion rate along with any challenges the week presented!

Follow my ups and downs on what is going to be an emotional roller-coaster training for a massive race! This is no 5km walk in the park… this is 100km of some of the hardest trails around! Stairs and more stairs plus water crossings and hills, lots of bloody hills! Hell just look at the Blackall 100 Race Profile

Being a traveling plant-based endurance athlete has its challenges but this is part of my amazing life. Part of creating my free-range lifestyle is because I wanted to be able to travel, eat plant-based and race in crazy races so this is the time I prove to myself that I can do that and do it bloody well.

The real reason I am going to post each week is simple: accountability! I am making myself publicly accountable to my training because publicly stating my goals and requirements works for me. I am more motivated to train when I have people watching my journey. While you might not even give a flying shit that I am doing this but I will give a shit if I post a week where I have all red on my training program (red means I missed the session!).

Are you ready? It is going to be a long 29 weeks but some goals require big commitments of time and dedication! I’m ready to make this training my bitch! Blackall 100 it’s me and you baby!! Let’s do this thing!!!

Week 1:

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 9.41.59 pm

Time to get fucking serious about this thing!

Blessed Be
Robyn xox


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