On being productive..

As most of you will know, part of my travel is about training for my first ultra marathon. I am also studying so I can launch my very cool new business (more about that in future months when I am getting closer to launch). So when the opportunity presented itself to spend a month on Koh Lanta, Thailand to fully commit myself to training and study, I jumped at it. Koh Lanta has a number of great yoga studios especially Oasis Yoga , where I took classes. While there was a few Muai Thai gyms and standard gyms I was more interested in Fit On Lanta a Crossfit based gym. I also chose to spend the month working out of a co-working space – KoHub

Island Living Oasis Yoga On Fit Lanta Running Koh LantaAs per standard, I stayed in dorms at hostels rather than individual accommodation to keep my costs down. It also helps to be able to meet other travellers. So back to the topic of this blog, productivity. I had a cracker of a month!

Something has to be said for routine and working out your priorities. I used Google Calendar to map out my schedule for the month. Mapping my fitness and study as a priority and then making sure I added in some leisure time. I didn’t spend as much time on the beach as I thought I would but I did get to spend a few hours watching sunsets or chilling in the shade of a tree reading my kindle.

So what did I manage to get done over this past 4 weeks:

24 hours of yoga
10 hours of Crossfit
14 hours of running
1 4-Island Tour
1 x 3 hour spa treatment
4 x 1 hour massages
7 day detox (juice cleanse and this accounts for 8.5 hours of the yoga)
Completed my manuscript – ‘Camino: Walking through Emotions’
27 x Webinars (between 1 and 1.5 hours each)
Submitted Triad Paperwork (a requirement of my Cert IV)

I think the more amazing thing aside from my productivity was how much it cost me to spend this time in Koh Lanta. I spent an average of AUD$72 a day which is just over US$50 a day. Nomadic Matt 

How to Travel Anywhere in the World on a Budget

  book inspired me 3 years ago about traveling the world on $50 a day and I think I am doing that very nicely! Mind you I know I could have spent a lot less but I choose to hire a scooter and eat whatever I felt like but that wasn’t the object of the past month.

Over the next 7 months of my planned travel I know I will not always be this productive as staying in one location for 4 weeks straight potentially is not on the cards but I am well ahead of where I thought I would be at this point of my studies. Ensuring that I plan my days is very much key for me being able to be productive. I am spending just over a week in Singapore now and having the first few days as ‘holidays’ (my feet are sore from walking around in my flip flops!) and then the final few days will be spent working again.

I am feeling inspired about the future and the possibilities that are available to me! What are your productivity tips?

Blessed Be

Robyn xox


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