Travel Adventure Moments…It’s the small things..

When I first started traveling one of the things that I didn’t expect was to create so many wonderful memories. Interestingly though it wasn’t the massive ‘must see things’ that stay with me the most.

I have laid on the grass watching the Eiffel Tower and feeling in love with Paris, walked around Stonehenge – 17 years after I first fell in love with it, stood on tops of mountains and continents, placed my feet in as many oceans that I can. These are not the things that first come time mind when I think of my travel adventure moments.

The little things that really should be forgotten quicker than others are the ones that I remember.

Reaching the top of Branco Wall whilst climbing Mt Kilimanjaro. Whilst getting to the top was magnificent I was pretty sick with altitude sickness but climbing Branco Wall was a scaling an almost vertical wall and seeing the excitement on my mums face when she reached the top was priceless!

Those little coloured dots are humans!

Those little coloured dots are humans!

We did it!

We did it!

Siting in the artist workshop while he made mother of pearl inlay boxes in a back street of Damascus Syria. His skill was amazing and our lack of common language didn’t matter. I stayed there for hours and drank tea prepared by his wife. Sadly I wonder if this man and his family are still alive given the current situation in Syria. I pray that he made his way safely to another country.

Artisan of Damascus

Artisan of Damascus

Seeing what could only be described as where goldfish come from in the Blue Hole at Darhab, Egypt. Snorkelling with all those beautiful little fish… I popped out of the water and yelled to Mum that ‘I’ve found goldfish’. I was probably far more excited than I should have been but we’d had a little gold fish ‘Harry’ for many years when I was a kid so this was such a treat!

Goldfish live here!

Goldfish live here!

I am a deeply spiritual person and find Buddhist philosophy resonates with my outlook on life. So while staying at Kopan Monastery in Nepal when one of the monks fell down and had a seizure I wanted to help. Due to customs I couldn’t help physically. My younger brother had childhood epilepsy so I felt my heart being drawn to ensuring this monk was taken care of. Before I left I donated enough money to pay for his medication for the next 2 years. It was the least I could do!

Monks chilling

Monks chilling

I am a native Queenslander and if there is one thing that Queensland grows well, it is mangoes. I love them in smoothies, eaten over the sink because the juice goes everywhere and in salads. Oh how sweet a mango can be so when I tasted mango with chilli salt for the first time my view of this delicious treat was doubled! It was during my trip to Vietnam to commemorate 10 years since my Father had passed. I did a boat tour along the Mekong, seriously you can’t go to Vietnam without doing a boat tour on the Mekong! While there I was introduced to the sweet hotness of chili salt on mango. Well if this doesn’t just send your taste buds into overdrive nothing will. It also tasted amazing on grapefruit, pineapple and papaya but the mango was the standout!

Fruit says 'Chili Salt you complete me!'

Fruit says ‘Chili Salt you complete me!’

These are just five examples of the little travel adventure moments that spring to mind when I think of the great parts of travel. There are so many brilliant reasons to travel but for me, these little moments are the reasons I keep vagabonding along!

What are you favourite travel adventure moments?

Blessed Be
Robyn xox


2 thoughts on “Travel Adventure Moments…It’s the small things..

  1. bettybooindubai

    Oh I remember Baranco wall – sleeping beneath it the night before, made me really question my sanity ! Lovely post, you are right, it’s not always about the big things at all xx

    1. AussieButterfly Post author

      Oh I questioned if I could get up it too! I was so worried about Mum but then when we started climbing up I realised it was actually much easier than I’d worked it up in my mind to be! Oh saw the pics of your afternoon tea the other day!! So yummy!! xx


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