Fit Life Confession…

It is confession time..

I am training for the Davao 50 Ultramarathon and I feel like I have lost the passion for fitness. I even went as far as – wait for it – having KFC in Burnei… Of all the bloody things this aspiring plant-based eater could do!!! I was chewing down on the chips and chicken before I even knew it. My body did protest! I nearly vomited it up later!

I can’t say what happened with losing my fit life love. I had had trouble with my shoes (read every run meant my right foot was in pain) or that being in foreign countries making me not so confident with running. Mind you I did run 18km in Kuwait City while training for the Dubai Marathon so that excuse is well bullshit! I have been blessed with trails around the Sunshine Coast so roads with dogs, scooters and mosquitos was a challenge but not one that should stop me from kicking butt!  Oh was it that I was away from my fellow crazy fit life peeps!

I did do a lot of yoga in Bali and completely loved it but as for people that were crazy fit life peeps there was none that I found!

Cue a change in mindset!

This morning I went to my first crossfit style workout at Fit On Lanta, since leaving a box almost 12 months ago. I have blogged about it before so I won’t go into it in too much details but the rudeness of one of the coach/owners was unnecessary and well quiet frankly if I am paying big money I won’t be treated like shit! I take my money else where! But I digress!

This mornings workout was short but nasty…


My shoulder held up during the Pendlay Row but I didn’t push the ‘heavy’. For the WOD, I did swap out the pull ups for ring rows and the 20kg KB for a 12kg but I was very happy with my 9.26min finish. Something clicked in my head while laying on the concrete feeling like death at the end, I LOVE THIS LIFE!

Being fit is an amazing feeling. I am not talking about skinny! I am talking about achieving goals, being stronger than yesterday and having a sense of self that no-body can destroy. With less than 50 days till race day I know I am not going into this my fittest but I will be ready to having some fun and challenge myself!

So for the next 3 weeks that I am in Koh Lanta I have 3 Crossfit, 3 yoga and 4 runs per week! I am excited again to live this fit life! I may have even found a trail in the national park! Woohoo let’s pray I am correct on that cause I really want to run a trail again!

I challenge you to get up from behind the computer and do something to improve your health and fitness!! Remember it isn’t about being skinny it’s about being better than you were yesterday!

Blessed Be
Robyn xox


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