Noosa Trail Network…Walking again

The Noosa Trail network has 8 trails with over 100kms of dedicated walking, mountain-biking and horse riding trails throughout the Noosa Hinterland.  So now that I have recently discovered a deeper love for walking, plus I have a partner who LOVES walking, I have started walking again.

After climbing my favourite mountain, Cooroora Mt, on New Years Day with Ignasi, we have since walked the Cudgerie Trail, explored the trails just around Cudgerie and finally walked along trails 7 and 8 from my parents home in Cudgerie Estate to the top of Cooroora Mt and back.

There are some bigger walks over 22km and if you link trails 3, 4, 5 & 7 a massive 62km trail which I am far more inclined to attempt now that I have walked across Spain.  Amazing what walking nearly 800kms will do for your walking confidence.  I’m even tempted to complete the 40km Noosa Hinterland Circuit in one day at some point.  Tempted but not fully convinced as yet.

1511296_10152084207021421_61923447_n1512638_10152126342081421_1207582030_n1538909_10152128121701421_871318323_nphoto-1photo-2For 20 years the trails have been maintained so that locals and visitors alike can see a completely different side of Noosa.  A side I tend to feel is just as stunning as Noosa National Park.  Then again I come from the hinterland so I am biased!

Where are you walking today?

Blessed Be
Robyn xox


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