December Challenge Month – COMPLETED!!

As 2013 comes to a close I can look back and say that I have had a very full on year.  Not to mention just the last month! At the start of December I set myself 4 goals:

•    No poo
•    3 litres of water per day
•    10,000 kettlebell swings
•    2000 words per day.

When I first wrote these goals I did feel a like some would be easy and some would be hard.  How right I was, I didn’t realise which ones would be the hardest! So confession time!!!

No poo method

Well after 31 days of not using shampoo and conditioner I must say my hair doesn’t appear to be better or worse.  Sure I had some oily days but my hair is always oily if I don’t wash it for 4 days!!  My hair however did look amazing after a night of coconut oil and then washed. In total I washed my hair 10 times with the no poo method.  I initially used a 1 tablespoon of bicarb to 1 cup of water.  I now am using 3 tablespoons of bicarb and think I am getting a better result.  You certainly do need to rinse it out very well or it leaves dandruff looking bits of white… now when you have dark hair that is not a pleasant look! I really don’t think I will be going back to shampoo or conditioner so for now the no poo method is my method!
Drink 3 litres of water per day 

I am a little disappointed in this challenge! The women’s face on the article I got the idea from had very noticeable results.  I haven’t noticed any differences in my face.  The wrinkles haven’t disappeared at all and the darker circles under my eyes haven’t changed one bit.  I have probably flushed out a lot of toxins from my system but in terms of tangible results I cannot see them.  I will however continue this as well because physically I did feel better drinking more water.  I have only had soft drink 3 times this month and I did still have a couple of redbulls over the past month.  There is an addiction worth kicking!!!

Kettlebells (fitness)

Well I did wimp out slightly and get a 12kg kettlebell as well as the 16kg one but I feared at one point my elbow would crack! I am very stoked to say I did 10135!! I did one massive day of 1000 just to see if I could and a few other over 500 days.  I certainly am much stronger given my PB of number consecutive swings is now 160 with the 12 kg and 102 with the 16 kg bell.   One thing I did discover though is doing kettlebells barefoot on the grass is better than wearing shoes and being on concrete.  My ankles felt much stronger when I worked out barefoot.
2000 words per day

I was completely unsuccessful at writing 2000 words per day.  I have no real good excuse but a combination of the silly season, helping to prepare my parents house to accommodate 6 adults and 3 boys under the age of 9 have somewhat taken priority over writing.  Slack I know! I did however manage to write almost 30000 words so I didn’t exactly to no writing.   I just didn’t focus enough to really write! My poor book!!! I did however make money from a couple of clients so that was a bonus.

So prior to 11am on the 31 Dec 2013 I have:
◦    Completed 10135 kettlebell swings
◦    Drunk 95.1 litres of water
◦    Written 28902 words
◦    Washed hair 10 times

When I look it all together its been a very successful month.  Yes I didn’t get my words but that is ok I strive for progress but not to be perfection.  Had I of realised I would be heading towards 100 litres of water I would have tried to drink just a few more litres… really don’t think I want to consume an additional 4.9 litres today however!

I haven’t yet looked at my goals for 2014 but one thing is for sure it will probably include less countries, more writing, more self-development (living with so many people working on your patience is a given!) and more fitness!

Wishing you all a fabulous New Years Eve.  For me it will be early to bed and then climbing my mountain with Ignasi! Can’t have him in Australia and not climbing my mountain!
Blessed Be
Robyn xox


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