Your beliefs don’t make you a better person…

I’m back…. I think……….. I took a break from writing while I was on my TEFL Course, literally one of the most stressful courses I have ever done and given some of the crazy military courses I did that is saying a lot.  The break has given me time to think about life and my personal values.

The Australian Election occurred over this period and the Facebook slandering had me questioning my political views.  I had been a long time Liberal supporter but now I was completely broken in my views.  Tony Abbott despite his community involvement lacked basic human compassion towards anyone that wasn’t stereotypically white, middle class, straight and married.    His views towards gay marriage, boat people and climate change more than just clashed with mine, they were on the exact opposite ends of the spectrum.

The ABC had a quiz to see just where your personal views were aligned with the political parties.   After completing the quiz I wasn’t too shocked to see that I aligned 69% with The Greens, 54% with the ALP and 49% with the Liberals.  I am on the economic left and very close to social liberalism.

So where does that leave me?

During the ALP tenure I was shocked at the spending. I wasn’t jumping for joy when Julia Gillard appeared to stab Kevin Rudd in the back to take the leadership and become Australia’s first female Prime Minister.  I had been dreaming of the moment a woman was a party leader and voted in.  The election in 2010 was a hung parliament and was she was able to form government with the support of three independents and a Green MP.  So again she wasn’t voted in.

More so than any other Prime Minister she suffered at the hands of the media outlets just because she was a woman.  Everything from her hair to her clothes were reported on.  Damned if she did and damned if she didn’t purely because she was a woman.  Perhaps the aging media moguls need to get off their high horse and stop being such sexist bigots.  John Howard, Bob Hawke and the many other male Prime Ministers never faced such bully tactics because of their gender.

I guess it can be fair to say the next time I am living in Australia and voting; I will be voting for the Greens!  I will also be praying that more women are working their way into politics and being heard for their intelligence not just seen for their looks!

Living overseas for almost 5 years and traveling to over 40 countries has changed my views on asylum seekers.  During my service with the Australian Army I was part of teams that moved ‘illegal boat people’.  Never once would I have called them asylum seekers.  I these blinkers on that made me see them as illegals.

After being in some of the countries that people are seeking asylum from (Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan) I sure as hell know if I was in any position to get myself and my family out of the war and poverty that infects every moment of their lives I would sell my soul to the highest bidder and take my chances on a leaky boat to a better life.

Australians complain that they are taking our money, our lives, our way of life etc but fail to remember we stole from the Aboriginals in the first place.  We damn well arrived in boats ourselves so why can’t we have some more compassion to someone that has never known life with the liberties that we have all been given purely from being born in Australia.

Have a heart for God’s sake!

Speaking of matters of the heart.  Gay marriage! Get the bloody hell over it and approve it already.  Love is just that, love!  Who are we to say that two men or two women in a committed relationship are not equal to be married but a man and a woman are.  I have seen plenty of straight couples that should never have been allowed to marry yet some of the most loving couples in same sex marriages are forced to have no rights simply because we haven’t got with the times and allow religion and personal bias to prevent all people from equality.

I support marriage, not gay marriage, not straight marriage but marriage.  If you want to confirm your commitment to that one special person then call a celebrant and let’s have a party I say!

It would take me months to write out all my beliefs and values but here are 10 of them!

1. Spirituality is my religion but we should all take the time to understand the true values of all religions not just the media portrayed bad sides.
2. I support marriage (gay, straight and twisted!).
3. Sustainable energy needs to be a priority.
4. Green matters are a global issue and education is vital here.
5. Mandatory rehabilitation should be part of the sentence to any offender who commits a crime under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
6. Humility and compassion is the greatest personal traits one can have.
7. Education is the key to compassion, freedom (financial and personal) and teachers should be paid much better!
8. The sexualisation of young children is child abuse, Miley Cyrus is not a role model!
9. Fresh, clean, drinking water is a global issue that needs to be addressed.
10. A travel person is more likely to have an open mind and heart which is the biggest barrier to racism, sexism and greed.

and a bonus one

11. Music and dancing can relieve stress much better than substances.

I am far from perfect and have always considered myself a little unique and slightly hippy.  I however love dining in fine restaurants and wearing mid street fashion (not so much these days), I love climbing mountains and laying beside pools.  I wish I had more motivation and wasn’t so afraid of change.   I wish that body image didn’t destroy my day when a meal bloats my stomach.

What I do know is that I have far more chances at a wonderful life than the the vast majority of the worlds population.  I am loved by my family and friends.  I love them! I try to surround myself with supportive and loving people.  I am drained by people who have no compassion for others.  And after months of no hot water I would really love a nice hot shower and to feel clean again but I think that will be some time to come.

My beliefs don’t make me a better person: my behaviour does! I want to always live life happy and without fear of consequence for my actions!   I don’t always achieve this! Do you?
Blessed be!

Robyn xox


8 thoughts on “Your beliefs don’t make you a better person…

  1. Sarahsomewhere

    Welcome back! The course sounds like a killer! Glad you pulled through! Good on you for expressing your views. In my humble opinion, however, Miley Cyrus is a twenty year old woman with the freedom to express herself as she chooses. I love her music and don’t find her at all offensive, but that is just me. Love ya! Xxx

    1. AussieButterfly Post author

      I personally don’t mind Miley Cyrus’s music (not that I listen to much music other than good Aussie grassroots bands), I just find that the porn culture is something that doesn’t sit well with me. I am by no means a prude but I believe as a woman we have much more to offer than sex. Madonna did the same sort of sexual in your face music for a while too so it is nothing new. For me feminism was about not having to be overtly sexual to be powerful 🙂 but that’s just me! Love you too! xx

  2. Sarahsomewhere

    Hey Robyn, great post! Glad you pulled through your course, sounds like a killer but you did it! Good on you for expressing your views, and I think you are right – actions speak louder than words. A good rule of thumb for me is compassion for all, and yes, that includes Miley Cyrus! 🙂


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