Finding my writers grove….

970042_10151709792991421_150378107_nSo one of my dreams is to be a writer and tell the world of my adventures, my passions, my spirituality and the quirky little things that make me, well me!  So why does it often feel so difficult to sit in front of my computer and start tapping away.


I have realised I am very afraid that you won’t like me, that my stories won’t be interesting enough, the silly things I have done in my past will come back to haunt me (I have done a lot of stupid things!) and most of all that I too lazy to be a writer.

When I look back at school I loved English and Geography (explains my love of nature!) and I was somewhat good at both subjects.  I loved the writing assignments and although I was never top of the class reading and doing my assignments was always fun.

Now as I sit here writing this I know I need to start writing ‘magazine articles and columns’ and sending them to different websites and places to start getting my work out there.  I shiver a little bit at the thought of the rejection but that might also be the fact I have wet hair and the air conditioning is on….

I have been inspired by so many people with my writing and my adventures. This list barely touches the sides but has all the people that currently rock my world:

Dr Wayne Dyer
Timothy Ferriss
Chris Guillebeau
Benny Lewis (you will learn more about him in a new post about learning Spanish)
Dervla Murphy
Dave Fox
Napoleon Hill
Jack Canfield
(Really do need to find more inspiring women!)

When I first started this blog it was after a trip to Nepal where I spent a couple of days in a Buddhist Monastary where I sat and meditated and read Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone‘s ‘Success through a Positive Mental Attitude‘.  That trip and the book opened my eyes up to the fact I was missing a portion of myself.. the writer!

Those that have followed my blog or my Facebook page (Aussie Butterfly: World Dreamings) will know that over the years since I started this blog I have had my far share of heartache, stress, bad times and on the flip side adventure, love and passion.  The one passion that has never left me is the desire to be a writer.

It often makes me giggle when I see my LinkenIn profile.  Having been in the military for 12 years and then almost 4 years in the Private Security World all my endorsements are very much related to the security industry.  I guess it will take time for that to change!

So that said if you know anyone that wants an article written on topics ranging from hiking to Ramadan prayers I’m your writer… send them my way (

For now I must get back to my Spanish lessons!  Mi cerebro se vuelve muy cansado (My brain gets very tired – I am learning all the best phases).

Blessed Be

Robyn xox


2 thoughts on “Finding my writers grove….

  1. CMcGwin

    “Never apologise for showing feeling. When you do so, you apologise for the Truth.” -Benjamin Disraeli. Everyone has a story, find your groove, Robyn. ❤ ❤

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