The 7 peso taco…

Sometimes in life the best meals are not the $200.00 wagyu beef steak but the cheap and quick eat! I am a great fan of street food when I travel and although Bienvenidos Cafe is not street food it’s Mexico’s best answer to it and beats anything that the fast food chains can come up with.

For only $7 MXN pesos (€0.41 or AUD$0.60) you get a torta with chorizo, beef or pork along with cabbage and fried onion. The table has two different salsas; one milder green and the other fire filled red chilli.

The menu is small and the plates are plastic with a freezer bag covering it so that washing up is not an issue. They simply scrap the bag and cover the plate again. Not so good for the environment though!

The flavour is simply delicious and although I only had 4 for lunch I’m sure I could have eaten them all day!

With only a few days left in Playa del Carmen before we head off to Tulum I’m sure we will be back for another meal!









I’m hungry again just writing this blog! Lunch cost both of us the grand total of $90 MXN (€5.35 or $AUD 7.79). We will be on the hunt for other local gems!

Blessed be
Robyn xox

Blessed be


2 thoughts on “The 7 peso taco…

  1. Joy Hansen

    So glad you had a wonderful visit with your sponsor child as I know you were really looking forward to seeing him. And who would have thought you would make such a great connection with “running man”. Safe travels.


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