Porto….why my heart wasn’t there!

Everyone I met in Porto during my very quick stopover in Portugal, LOVED the city. So why was I left bored and slightly uninterested!

The Camino still had my heart!

Porto was a magical city in reality and its sites were pure gems. I strolled through narrow alleyways and came out on the river to the smell of grilling sardines. The sun warmed my skin and my eyes were blessed with magical photo opportunities which I didn’t take full advantage off.

My body was still sore from the Camino and getting up to walk was an effort. My heart ached for the simplicity of the Camino. Get up, walk, eat, wash, eat, sleep and repeat. There was literally too much to do in Porto which made me not want to do anything.

I did do a walking tour and ended up meeting a Canadian girl who had just finished the Camino herself so we went for coffee afterwards. She too had no desire to speak to people who hadn’t done the Camino. What does the Camino do to your sense of being?

Porto was so pretty but my post Camino dullness overshadowed her. I feel one day I’d like to go back and see it through cleaner eyes.

Shame to visit my 37th country and miss it!







And with the beautiful blue theme I missed so much! Ah!!

Oh well can’t dwell on that! One of the most amazing this is coming up!!! Meeting my God son! (My sponsor child in Senegal)

Stay turned!!!

Blessed be
Robyn xox


One thought on “Porto….why my heart wasn’t there!

  1. Joy Hansen

    I know how you feel. I am in Geneva and really don’t want to go anywhere or do anything. I think it is the body’s way of saying it needs a rest. Enjoy your time with your sponsor child. Safe travels.


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