Camino de Santiago – Day 34 – Ribadiso to O Pedrouzo – 22.1 km

Last night I retired extremely tired however rest was not mine! The gentleman next to me was snoring even more horrendously than the last guy that drove me to wake him. This time I grabbed everything and headed downstairs to the couch. Covering the drink machines lights with a blanket I curled up on the couch and slept.

I didn’t wake from 12am till 5.25am so at least I got a decent amount of sleep. The fact I was too tall for the couch and my feet had to be raised on the arm probably did me some good.

The weather was not as kind to us today as it has been but we were lucky enough that it wasn’t pouring and I have Anita my poncho to use as I was using my umbrella.

As we get closer to the end we seem to walk closer together not getting the bigger distances between each other. I’m going to miss my Camino family and as I write this tears are welling up. I meet Russ on the 5th day, Anita on 7th and saw Ignasi on the 20th but he didn’t join our group till 25th day.

For a long time Ignasi thought that Russ, Anita and I were a family and when I look at pictures of us we do look like a family.

I’ve noticed animals a great deal on this trip so a tomcat that sat on the path meowing for pats and a little dog playing with the pilgrims added smiles to my day. Something so little helped with the pain which I’m not very good at disguising.



My Spanish today was practiced every time I ordered food and I must say given how much I love food at least I won’t starve anywhere. I also was able to understand when directions were given by the hospitalera to another pilgrim for the pharmacy. So that made me smile. It’s getting there slowly!!

I spent time today thinking about the months ahead and the journey through Cuba then Central and South America. I’m not scared but I do wonder what mew and different things I will experience. My heart is far more open to life than it has been in a long time. The unpleasantness of my former working life are already long gone. I’m a traveller who is extremely blessed and grateful for my life.

I do find it ironic the closer I get to finishing the Camino the more the landscape looks like home. Eucalyptus trees and bracken ferns. Can’t but think of ‘The Alchemist’ and how he ends up were he started. Maybe that will be my story. Who knows?

Tomorrow we arrive in Santiago and no doubt there will be tears but they will be good tears. Tonight may be a sleepless night. Be it my luck the snorer from last night is in the same room. With all the albergues in this town and he picks the one we are in. Tomorrow I’m staying in a hotel!


Blessed be
Robyn xox


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