Camino de Santiago – Day 33 – Palas de Rei to Ribadiso – 25.8km

Last night was a horrendously hot night for me so waking with little sleep was instantly a downer but going outside and it’s wasn’t cold or raining lifted my spirits.

It was lovely on the path today. Very few pilgrims and being on pathways in woodlands it wasn’t noisy till having to cross the N-547 at various points but it really didn’t detract from the walk.

I tried out my Spanish skills at breakfast but managed to get myself my companion Anita’s breakfast twice instead of bacon, eggs and toast. Still at least the woman got that we wanted toast with the bacon which apparently is not a usual request. I’ve begun ordering all my food in Spanish, much to the amusement of the English speaking waiters.

We walked over a quaint bridge in Ponte Velha Furelos and all stopped at a cafe that had Spanish music and the worst smelling toilets so far. Why must I have the bladder the size of a mouse!


We see a lot of old house that are completely falling down and we all seem to stop and take photos of the trees growing out of the collapsed roofs however today I got the photo if the group taking the photo!


After 15 km the pain in my feet completely set in. Being so close to the end I’m sad the tendinitis is really taking a toll on me. Before the pain hits I’m walking along smoothly albeit rather gingerly but once the pain hits I’m like a turtle and put music on to distract me.

The biggest distraction today was the horses. I’ve seen cows, goats, cats, dogs and chickens a plenty but today was the day of the horse. I patted two and realised its been almost 18 years since I rode a horse. Don’t think I will be changing that anytime soon either but they are still majestic creatures.






At that’s not all of the horses I saw!

I also managed to break my glass at lunch and as I took a rather large gulp a slither of glass went into my mouth. I raced outside and spat the drink out only to have the glass stay in my mouth. For a few seconds I was rather nervous I would cut my gums trying to get it out. I got a replacement glass and drink for my troubles but no free meal!

Since arriving in Galicia we no longer see storks on church’s but rather stranger little buildings that are for drying corn. Now I don’t know if my imagination is just sick and twisted or I’ve watched too many Stephen King movies but to me they look like something you would lock naughty little ‘Children of the corn’ in! What do you think?


We also are unsure of how far we actually have to go. The book says 42.2km yet today we pasted the 40km marker. Either way its two more days of walking and tonight at dinner that made me sad. On the 13th we will all pretty much part company and our group that now has become like family will all head in different directions. We realised come Friday 3 of us will be in another country and 1 will be walking to Finisterre to the ocean. What blessed amazing lives we all have!

I will miss my charming Spanish teacher! For now I still have 3 more days with my Camino family so will enjoy each moment!

Blessed be
Robyn xox


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