Camino de Santiago – Day 32 – Portomarín to Palad de Rei – 24.8km

Walking in the mist is apparently not everyone’s cup of tea but today I felt much better. Still physically hurting but I’m well aware this will be the case for a least another week.

Waking later than usual it was much more difficult to get started today. First we went the wrong way and had to back track. Luckily it was only a couple of hundred meters or I might not have been so cheerful.

Straight out of town and we started climbing. My cheer was replaced with panting. I’m by no means dreadful unfit but some of these little hills cause me to question the food I eat. Bacon and egg bocadillos are just so yummy though.

I was frustrated with people today. There are more people on the way and they yap the entire time. At one point I choose to stop and let two men pass who were chatting extremely loudly. Russ commented its because we’ve had so much serenity that now all the people have disrupted our bliss.

This will certainly get me back into being around larger numbers of people. I still struggle with the people around my age that breeze past with tiny little bags.


I did have to giggle at myself though. Yesterday the smell of cow manure had me grateful I wasn’t on the farm. Today I was getting Ignasi to ask a dairy farmer if I could go into his shed and have a look.



The farmer who looked nasty with a mighty great axe in his hand just giggled and I assume said yes because Ignasi started walking in and I was richly rewarded with the cutest cows and no manure stench.

I enjoy the rural countryside but criss crossing a main road today was a battle in the mist. I do wander what the pilgrimage was like even 50 years ago.

Today I spent a lot of time thinking about the next twelve months and what other crazy things I will embark on. No doubt there will be plenty of mountains and considering a few volcanos too.

For now however I just want to make it to Santiago without hailing one if the many taxis that keep driving past. Temptation is everywhere.



Blessed be
Robyn xox


4 thoughts on “Camino de Santiago – Day 32 – Portomarín to Palad de Rei – 24.8km

  1. Jennifer

    I get the cow stench thing. My sister lives on a dairy farm and while they can’t smell a thing, it permeates us and I can’t get of it. They are the cutest cows though.

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