Camino de Santiago – Day 31 – San Mamed del Camino to Portomarín – 26.3 km

The guide book almost warned: this is rural Galicia at her best; wet and green with the sweet smell and squelch of liquid cow dung underfoot! It lived up to this explanation.

Blissfully today we past the 100 km marker and a sense that the Camino is coming to a close hit hard. While my body is ready for it to be over my mind perhaps is not.


Luckily for me I’m not going back to the ‘real’ world rather continuing this amazing journey.

The path today was again green and somewhat wet but it makes for a much nicer walk than the heat. It seems summer is not yet gracing Galicia.

Because today wevwent through the 100 km mark there are many more pilgrims on the path and it’s hard not to be judgemental of these so called ‘plastic pilgrims’. Little backpacks, all bouncy and fresh compared to our limping and heavy bags (even after sending stuff forward it still seems overweight when I see the little barbie sized bags).


I treated myself to a machine foot massage at La Bodeguiña Albergue in Mercadoiro. For 2€ this was perhaps the best spent money in the day. However 15 minutes after starting walking it no longer made and difference. My heart nearly broke when the pain was back two fold.


One does question their own sanity when each day you crawl out of bed, whimper when first standing up and blindly get dressed with a grimace to put the boots on. Stand up and put the pack on and start walking. Back home I would not even dream of doing this two days in a row let alone 31.


Our albergue tonight seems a little more feral than our previous accommodations but we have a semi private 4 bed (2 bunk) room. However the showers were hot and clean so this is something that always cheers me up.

The reward for today was a brilliant hamburger that could rival a Queensland (Australian) burger. It just needed grilled pineapple and beet root and it would have been worth a million euro. Well maybe not but it did taste good.


Laying in my bunk as I write this I know our little Camino group is all tired and ready to just walk and finish but I know we will all miss each other. Strange how you bond with certain people and you let others walk in and straight out of you journey.

I am looking forward to laying in bed and not feeling pain in my legs. For that I will be very grateful. For now it is time for more ibuprofen and tiger balm!

Buen Camino

Blessed be
Robyn xox



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