Camino de Santiago – Day 30 – Fonfría to San Mamed del Camino – 23.8km

30 days, really I’ve been on the Camino for 30 days?! So much has happened since I first started walking. Be it physical pain and discomfort, new friendships, letting go of old lives and romance.

However, I am tired. The one ‘rest’ day I had in Pamplona I was sick with the flu and did not really rest but rather passed out and walked around in a zombie mode.

Today’s walk was a rather magical walk despite my being tired. Walking through little hamlets covered in green was blissful. The weather turned against us at one point and today we experienced all four seasons. The heat was as unwelcome as the rain.



One of the most charming things about today was all the farms. The least charming thing was the smell of farms. I can clearly see that I am country at heart but not in my sense of smell.

At one point I was frustrated that we’d only gone 5.1 km and I couldn’t believe it had taken what felt like forever. I heard the cutest cow bells and when I turned around these long horn cattle had tiny little bells and it sounded like the hills were alive with the sound of music. Corny yes I know but within a few minutes I said ‘f it’ and kept walking.

After lunch I again removed my second pair of socks, turned up my music (1927 little bit of old school) and powered on.

Arriving at the albergue was sweet relief and a shower, food and a nap were just what the doctor ordered. Tomorrow we might be doing 26.3 km with a horrible downhill at the end. For now I will be in denial and enjoy the company of new pilgrims and their cheeky personalities.

Oh a final point dogs all along the way today kept coming up to me. Perhaps they knew I needed a little encouragement.



Blessed be
Robyn xox


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