Camino de Santiago – Day 28 – Cacabelos to Vega de Valcarce – 26.4 km

With only 166.8 km to go after today and 28 days of walking done, you would think I would be happy. Alas today I’m tired, cranky and frustrated.

We followed the recommended path in John Brierley’s pilgrim guide over a 6 km up and 2 km down death march from hell. The 30 degree temperature did nothing for my mood either.

As I walked I questioned my sanity and my constant need to push myself and travel the road less travelled. I even thought about catching a taxi but my pride got in the way of that.

When Russ turned off and took the grey route the rest of us should have too.

It’s hard to be positive today and I’m actually ok with that. I still appreciated the people I was with, the animals that seem to love playing with as I pass, the cute little boy at our albergue who blushed when I said ‘hola’ to him. And I’m up to 20 and working my way through the months in Spanish.

For the first time in this trip I took off my second pair of socks and walked with only one pair bit first it felt weird but I haven’t developed any new blisters or aches so many come 2 hours of walking each day I will swap to one.

Our albergue tonight is in the basement of a family home and I do feel sorry for the three children who seem to not get enough attention because mum and dad are busy running the place. From 6am till 10pm they would have little time to give any attention to the children. I know I will not be rushing back to Spain to open an albergue on the Camino!

What I did learn today is that sometimes you just need to push on and good things await!

Tomorrow however is another rather long climb and the forecast is rain! Just joy!! Oh well for now it’s sleep!

Blessed be
Robyn xox




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