Camino de Santiago – Day 26 – Rabanal del Camino to Molinaseca – 26.5km

Today was a magical day but a physically challenging day. Ascending from 1150 m up to 1505 m and descending very sharply down to 610 m did not make for a pleasant foot day.

Thankfully my tendinitis seems to agree with hills. Sadly, my heels don’t and I’ve scored a few more little blisters.

7.8 km into the walk is a gateway marked by a humble monument in which pilgrims leave behind a rock or other token of love and blessing. I left behind my own tokens that I have been carrying since I left Dubai.



Thought I would cry at this point however I was ready to leave behind the emotional excess baggage and rejoiced in the fact I shared the moment with one of my walking partners, Anita and a charming Catalonian.

Russ one of my walking partners couldn’t walk today but as he’d said what he needed too at an earlier monument he caught a free lift with the Spanish Army cycling team who are also doing the Camino.

The walk down the hill was stunningly beautiful but I had to stop and rest a number of times. Today was hotter than its been the entire trip and it certainly took it’s toll.




After meeting Russ on the medieval bridge leading into town the 800 m walk to the albergue seemed to take forever. But tonight it’s single not bunk beds and that makes me very happy. Jumping off the top bunk often has me wincing no matter how gently I try to get off.

After lunch myself and the charming Catalonian walked back to the medieval bridge where rather tenderly I had my feet bathed in the freezing waters. The Way brings many people into your path and some are bigger gifts than others.

Tonight I’m resting well with a beautiful pink rose that smells wonderful and a knowledge that by tomorrow I should know how to count to 10 plus know 20, 30, 40 etc up to 100. At least all the numbers I need when paying for food.


Have a magical day!

Blessed be
Robyn xox


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