Camino de Santiago – Day 25 – Astorga to Rabanal del Camino – 21.4km

After yesterday’s big walk we decided to sleep in this morning and didn’t leave Astorga till almost 7. It’s strange starting to walk that late. Normally we have covered 5km by 7am.

Today’s walk was very pretty and my fatigue was there and when I wasn’t watching my feet I was nearly tripping over. There is a German girl that on her first day fell and now has a massive hole in her head so I’m desperately trying not to fall over.


As I am walking I am thinking a lot. Where I have previously been, what my values are, what do I want from life, love and family. I am extremely blessed with the life I have and sometimes I do take it for granted.


As we entered the town of El Gasno I joked to my walking companion from Hungary that these towns make great western movie names when we saw a sign that the only word I understood was ‘cowboy’. In town we had an ice cream at the local cowboy bar. Many a laugh was had because they were suing 80’s music!




The last climb into Rabanal del Camino was richly rewarded with the local church doing a Corpus Christi procession. It was so amazing. Even though I’m not a Christian I’m thoroughly enjoying the symbolism of everything.





Today was meant to be a relatively gentle day but I’m feeling that my feet hate me. Tomorrow is a massive day especially because we reach the Cruz de Ferro where I will pause and reflect and leave behind a shell from Dubai and let go of some person things I’ve been carrying. Should be an emotional moment!

Till then time to put my feet up and rest!

Blessed be
Robyn xox


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