Camino de Santiago – Day 24 – Villar de Mazarife to Astorga – 32km

With a little bit of fear I stepped off this morning at 05:50 thinking that the 32 odd km walk may just be a bad idea.

I needn’t of worried. Though the first 10 km were boring and the town of Villavante at the 10km mark did not supply the much wanted care stop more was to be revealed.

Puente de Órbigo, 4.5km later has one of the longest and best preserved (it looked brand new to me) medieval bridges in Spain apparently dating from the 13th century.


Perhaps the saddest part about this was that they were setting up for a fair that afternoon but given it was only 9 am we continued on.

We saw plenty of cows today which always makes me smile. There is still a country girl inside me.



We were also rewarded with a quirky earth soul 6km from Astorga when we arrived at the Cantina. The gentleman running to little shop was just in a sarong when we arrived but a cup of tea with agave syrup was just what I needed. Especially as it was heating up and I was down to 500 ml of water.



He did put his shirt back on but this is where my lack of Spanish meant I couldn’t ask why a man from Barcelona drops everything to live in a falling down building on the Camino making fruit and drinks for pilgrims.

We arrived in Astorga and walked to the last albergue which can take 120 pilgrims. I’ve fallen in love with any albergue that does your washing for you so this is my latest love!

I’m currently laying on my bunk trying not to fall asleep as its already 17:30 and a nap now would not be useful. Astorga is a beautiful city that I hope to at least see a bit more of.



So time to take my ibuprofen and hobble off in my sandals to see the sights.

Lets pray that with 50 odd people in the dorm I get some sleep later but tomorrow is only 21km so it will be over in a heart beat.

Blessed be
Robyn xox


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