Camino de Santiago – Day 23 – León to Villar de Mazarife – 22.2km (by bus)

When I first started reading about the Camino I never imaged I would be taking a bus. Perish the thought that I would not march on and carry all my stuff, no matter how heavy, till the end.

With my walking stick lowered today I did just that.

After seeing David from Centros de masaje Massage Centres in León, I knew I had to listen not only him but my body. Each day the pain was getting progressively worse and with tendinitis in both feet I had to actually get rid of some excess weight, rest and slow down.

Ironically this is a little bit of a wake up call for me. Here I am not even a full month into my RTW Trip and I’m actually hanging onto too much and moving too fast. Life has a funny way of showing you exactly what you need.

So €5.75 and a 3.410kg parcel later, I’m hoping on a bus. I’m travel with a Dutch grandmother who has been travelling with her daughter-in-law (who lives in Dubai) who’s paths I have crossed a number of times now. Luckily she is a little more switched on than me as we nearly miss the bus!


I nearly fell over when the bus driver said the cost of the trip. Only €1.90! It has surprised me that the parcel was so cheap and then the bus. Mind you given that others have at times paid €0.50 for a glass of vino this should not come as a surprise.

In less than 45 mins and 2 stops we arrived in Villar de Mazarife. I did have to at one point ask my travelling companion to speak English as she would slip into Dutch with me.

It’s another sunny but windy day. Tomorrow is the first day on summer but I do think it’s still a few days off yet!





It was also lovely to spend some time patting a cat. Something about animals that the humans can’t give you that makes my heart smile.

Praying for warmer weather and an easy walk tomorrow. Nothing like a 31km walk to get back into it!

Blessed be
Robyn xox


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