Camino de Santiago – Day 22 – Mansilla de las Mulas to León

Today we headed out much later than normal. In fact we got out of bed at 06:10 and we’ve normally walked at least 2km by then. Given it is only 18.6 km today the later start is not an issue.

As yesterday was so cold I kept my 3/4 leggings on but within 2 hours I had to stop and take them off as I was nearly cooking. Not that this morning was much warmer but with no real breeze it wasn’t freezing.

I’ve have also discovered that wearing my hoodie makes it more uncomfortable to wear my pack. When I just have thinner layers the pack sits nicely. Given it was warmer today I was able to wear my pack much more comfortably today.

I’ve got into the habit of listen to music when I walk. Now this isn’t a bad thing but I swing my walking stick around at times to correspond with funky parts of the song. I’ve come very close to taking out a couple if cyclists and probably more embarrassing I’ve actually clocked myself a number if times in the head. Luckily I have a thick beanie to protect myself.

As we walked into León my least favourite surface of concrete sent pains through the bones of my feet. A beautiful surprise was a public assistance stand that gave us a city map and highlighted the path we needed to take plus a little sign.


I feel like I am half cheating today as myself and one other have booked onto the 3 star that is attached to the Santa María de Carbajal Albergue. Whilst its much more expensive than my usual 10 € a night bed I really wanted to sleep alone tonight. No ear plugs to block out the snorers will be lovely.

There is literally too much to see in León in one afternoon so the debate is now going on internally, do I stay another night or do I walk on tomorrow? Such simple problems really.

I am looking forward to going into the Cathedral tonight if the outside is anything like the inside.



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