Camino de Santiago – Day 21 – El Burgo Ranero to Mansilla de las Mulas – 18.8 km

Instead of going back over everything I’ve done on the Camino to this point I’m just going to say that walking 453 km in 21 days is hard but rewarding.

Today started off in a panic. I’m carrying very little warm clothes and had left my raincoat and beanie in the bar/cafe the night before. What would be the chance it would be open at six AM? Thinking I would have to wait till it open I dashed across the road to see it when it opened and the bar was open. Happily just inside the door on the coat rack was my belongings! I almost screamed ‘muchas gracias’ to the bar tender and ran back out the door. He didn’t follow me so I guess he figured at six AM it wouldn’t be anyone stealing it just its rightful owner collecting it.

And given how cold it was today I’m very grateful it was open.


Today started at 3 degrees with a wind chill factor of somewhere near minus 5 degrees so being without my beanie and jacket may have been cause to cry.

Walking along flat open plains with freezing winds had me questioning today why on earth I was doing the Camino. I know it’s a starting point for my year off and also a time to reflect on my previous few years that professionally and personally (in terms of intimate relationships) have been challenging and not some of my best years.

As I looked five feet in front and just kept walking I realised that even if I won a massive lotto jackpot I would still be doing something like this. Whatever it is about me I enjoy the slightly more random holidays than just sitting on a beach. Though I’m very much looking forward to that in the coming months.

There are even messages along the way to help you think about life:


As my ‘credencial del Peregrino’ fills up with stamps I know I’m on the right path and that maybe I’m not meant to figure anything out in this part of my journey: rather that I’m meant to be in the moment even if that moment sucks!


Tonight I’m in the Albergue Municipal in Mansilla de las Mulas (the Spanish town names just blow me away), which is a local authority run hostel with basic facilities but its clean, semi warm and I’m in a room with people I’ve been walking the path with for some time now so I’m happy and content.

For now it’s time for anti-inflammatories and pain relief. My feet will be very happy when this is over. I think I might be a little sad.

Blessed be
Robyn xox


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