Stinky start to the Wanderlust Odyssey….

Now I can never be accused of not doing completely random locations and things when I travel but now I have also checked out the bowels of a city!

Having just started my world trip and being somewhat fanatical about toilets, simply because I have the worlds smallest bladder and need the bathroom what feels like a million times a day; I decided to do something different.

A tour of the Paris Sewer System was that something different.

I have seen most of the usual spots in Paris before and this being my third visit I stepped it up, or under, this time.

The first thing you notice when you go into the sewer is that it is the cheapest self guided tour in Paris 4€30.  So straight up I am happy! As I walk down the steps the handout describes the different areas as ‘gallery’ and being a bit of a bimbo the first thing I look for when I enter the first gallery of Hugues AUBRIOT is a painting from this artist… So then I felt like an idiot but AUBRIOT was the Parisian provost who had a stone-walled sewer built in 1370.

Following the path around and sensing you are actually in the bowels of the city as the pipes above actually carry both portable and waste water I have a moment of panic – what if that pipe bursts and its not the portable water one! Shudder!

Drinking Water!!!

The smell is not has horrendous as I expected it to be standing on a grate above waste water (I am pretty sure it was only storm water as I couldn’t see any nasty stuff and the smell was only mildly revolting.


I now have a greater appreciation for anyone that works in the sewers.  I am supremely grateful for the men that wallowed in, well you know what, to develop the system to ensure that it provides an environmental management system which reduces the impact on the environment.

Sewer and cleaner


I would recommend this tour to any one that is bored with the standard tours but I strongly recommend hand sanitizer and a little perfume for after, just to be on the safe side.  Even the tour handout carries a warning that you avoid contact with water water, walls and pipes (I was a princess in there and looked like I was afraid of germs), do not eat (how anyone could eat down there is beyond me), wash your hands when you exit (hence hand sanitizer they don’t provide convenient little sinks outside) and lastly do not run or bend over the manrope (do people actually fall into the sewer?).

Oh and there was something that made me dry wretch!

Yes that is exactly what you think it is!!!!

Still I had a giggle and I would do a tour of any cities underbelly 🙂

Till my next adventure where is your favourite crazy tour?

Blessed be

Robyn xox


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