Quitting my job….

A journey of self-love

A journey of self-love

What do you do when you wake up and realise you’re climbing a ladder in the corporate world that just isn’t moving and worse still, it is up against the wrong wall.  Well for me it meant quitting my job and booking a one way ticket!

Recently, I resigned from the company I have been with for almost 4 years.  Travel and writing have been my passion for a long time and I hadn’t been writing for many months.  I longed to be on the road long term, no longer just for a week or two.  I longed for the life of simply walking, writing, reading and exploring new worlds where I don’t speak the language.  That journey starts on the 04 May 2013.

When I made the decision six months ago to resign I was like a planning machine, what would I do, how I would save the money, should I sell all my furniture, what should I donate and would I really need to ship belongings back home to Australia.  The biggest challenge was basically cutting my lifestyle in half to turn this dream into a reality.

To raise the funds for my journey, I sent half my salary back home to my Australian bank account to which I didn’t have a card attached.  I then cancelled my subscription to Du television and only kept the internet.  I have a habit of watching only 3 channels so paying for 800 odd channels was a waste of money.   The fact that I also spent more time watching the Criminal Minds box sets I owned than the actually current stations was just another reason why paying for Du was pointless.

Next I stopped eating out as much (last month this has crept back in) and luckily I was training for the marathon for 4 months and my diet consisted of lentils, proteins and vegetables.  I asked more people for lifts instead of catching taxis.  This was common sense since we were going to the same place anyway and it also strengthened some beautiful friendships even more.

Thanks to participating in a number of runs; including the Dubai half and full Marathons and a small fun run, during this period I was stocked up with razors, moisturises and shampoo.  I will admit using mens face lotion was different but the fact my skin looks better than normal this might change my beauty routine in more ways than one.

The internet became a major source of information.  I discovered http://www.kayak.com and http://www.skyscanner.com which enabled me to price flights and realise an around the world ticket was not suitable for me but rather buying point to point flights as I went suited my lack of time structure to my trip.

I decided I would couch surf ( http://www.couchsurfing.org ) where possible and stay in casa particulars (home stays) to cut down costs to extend my traveling time.  I am very lucky that I enjoy backpacking so that I don’t mind sharing a dorm room with others as I travel.  I always carry ear plugs and headphones so the snorer or noisy room mate tends not to bother me.

which countries should I visit??

which countries should I visit??

So many places to see though, where on earth will I go……

Stay turned to my next blog to find out where I am going and how you can help…..

Blessed Be

Robyn xox


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