Live Below the Line…Day 5

The reality of how little money it takes for people to survive and how much I still have left is a remarkable.  I still have over 5 cups of bean and lentil mix, at least 8 cups of the chickpea and pea mix, most of the spice and almost 1.5kg of rice left.  I have more than enough food for another 5 days.  Luckily I have frozen it all into meal size portions so it will last for a long time yet.

Despite cravings for Cinnabon, cups of tea and tomatoes I could live on a similar eating plan.  Though I would need to supplement it with meat and vegetables and less rice as I am not that great a fan of rice this is sustainable.

Today’s spend and diet was my most expensive as I was probably my most hungry I have felt since starting:

Breakfast – 1 egg and spices – .93

Snack – Porridge and spices – .95

Lunch – Bean & Lentil mix and rice – 2.15

Snack – Bean & Lentil mix – 1.50

Dinner – Bean & Lentil mix and rice – 2.15

Total Spend – AED 7.68

In total I spent AED 37.90 and ate AED 30.65.  You will note as I said above, that I still have a substantial amount of food left.  I deliberately over-priced my portions but in reality I spent far less each day on food.  What I purchased could conceivably feed a family of four for the 5 day challenge.

I am looking forward to tomorrow morning and having a cup of tea and bacon & eggs for breakfast.  I’m also looking at my budget to how I can allocate more to charity.  Given I know I am actually spending far too much on food makes that easy.  I am not going to restrict my life completely.  Though I will say eating lunch at work makes for a more productive day and fattens my wallet.

The rest of my cost of living for the 5 days was just a little unbalanced because of my rent but the remainder of my spending saw only nominal amounts for metro costs and a small donation.  I spent AED100.40 on transportation and AED10.00 on a donation.  Total spend for the week including rent, utilities/insurance was AED1696.38.  That works out at AUS $ 456.81, GBP £ 285.76 or USD $ 461.81 for 5 days.

It is not to late to donate and make a difference:

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to those that sponsored me and to the friends that supported me, and even more gratitude to those people who felt challenged by my personal challenge so much so that they were negative towards me.  Strange how negativity makes me even more determined to participate in more humanitarian activities and raise awareness to the plight of millions.

Blessed Be

Robyn xox


2 thoughts on “Live Below the Line…Day 5

  1. @Morrighani

    Thanks for all your blog posts during Live Below the Line. Here in the UK I still have one meal to go and one last night before I can have an egg for breakfast – I can’t wait. I’ve been really surprised to hear about the negative comments you have received about the campaign. Luckily for me, all the people I have talked to about the challenge have been surprised, but supportive. I think I would have struggled to find the energy if I’d had to defend myself. Congratulations on your fundraising.

  2. AussieButterfly Post author

    Thank and good luck with the last night. Funnily enough I didn’t actually feel like eating today and it was strange as I craved food all week. I too was surprised by the negative comments but the amount of positive ones were really amazing. I had dinner with friends tonight that said to me that I am crazy but amazing. Kind of like that! 🙂 Enjoy your eggs x


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