Live Below the Line… Day 4

Today led to a wonderful discovery, the secret of not eating boring porridge!  Add a little extra water to make it a little runnier and some Marsala.  I know, I know this does sound slightly horrible and for anyone who normally has porridge as a breakfast with honey and milk like me, the idea of making it savory was pretty foreign.  I will admit I waited till I had only 3 spoonfuls left before I added some of the spices.

That bland vile thing I had been attempting to eat for the past three days was actually really delicious.  Now I am wondering what it would taste like with a little cinnamon and honey.  Guess I will have to wait till Friday morning!

Realising that this is only a 5 day challenge it has confronted me much more than I thought it would.  Any financial insecurities I have had over the years have been smashed.  Whilst I wouldn’t want to have the pressure of counting each dollar to ensure I could eat I certainly know my food budget has been well, pardon the pun, very bloated.

I often eat out for lunch and a couple of meals a week.  This challenge and my previously 12 Week Body Transformation (12WBT) challenge have brought greater awareness that my habits are counter-productive to healthy living.  I feel more motivated in my charitable giving and have drawn up a list of things I am going to do to further that.

My list includes donating all my unused items.  My wardrobe is in dire need of culling and I know that many other people could benefit from my overflowing drawers.  I’ve also reached out to other women who are making a difference so that together we can change lives.

Today was possibly the easiest of the days so far.  I still had a grumbling stomach but my caffeine withdrawals have lessened and the discovery of adding Marsala to porridge led to many smiles.

Below is Day Four’s spend and meals:

Breakfast – 2 eggs and spices – 1.51

Snack – Porridge 1/4 cup – .80

Lunch – Lentils & Bean Mix and 1/4 cup rice – 2.15

Snack – Rice 1/4 cup – .69

Dinner – Lentils & Ben Mix Soup – 1.50

Total Spend – AED 6.65

I’m also going to be interested in how this diet has effected my body composition.  I had been measuring it as part of the 12WBT so come Friday morning prior to eating anything I will test my body composition against what it was at the end of the 12WBT.

Help me raise a few extra dollars for an amazing cause!

Blessed Be

Robyn xox


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