Live Below the Line… Day 3

The headaches have subsided and I am starting to feel human again.  Though after a small 2o min yoga session I realised I have the flexibility of a rock and yoga needs to be added to my fitness regime.

One of the things I am struggling with doing the Live Below the Line challenge is other peoples opinions.  Not the supportive ones but the comments of ‘Why on earth would you do that?’, ‘You’re just a tree hugger?’, and worst ‘I’m not sponsoring you because I believe they have brought it on themselves and they should support themselves!’.  The last comment shocked me to the core.

People not born in poverty sometimes really shock me with their lack of compassion towards others.  Essentially we are all human, regardless of colour or nationality.  Slightly adapted from Michael Jackson’s Man In the Mirror, the following verse is how I see what I am doing:

I’m Starting With The Woman In The Mirror I’m Asking Her To Change Her Ways And No Message Could Have Been Any Clearer If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place Take A Look At Yourself, And Then Make A Change

It still hasn’t stopped me from craving foods I can’t afford this week.  I love tomatoes and my colleague doesn’t.  So at lunch today when he placed them all in tray and I sat down I was having to restrain myself from eating them.  That delicious red juicy tomato in front of me was almost as alluring as the Cinnabon I still crave.

My stomach grumbled quiet a lot today and it still isn’t really from lack of food.  The body clearly reacts to not having its usual food and to be quiet frank, its not happy about it.  I keep thinking this diet to someone living on it normally may not be all that difficult to sustain.  I however know what many different foods taste like.

In hindsight I would have shopped quiet differently.  I still would have brought porridge but I would have somehow purchased milk or powdered milk.  Less variety of lentil, pluses and beans but more types of spices.  Though today I did discover the art of cooking rice in a microwave.  I don’t own a microwave at home but at work it only took me 8 minutes to have perfectly cooked rice.

Todays spend was again under budget and diet was basically yesterdays with just a little difference:

Breakfast – 1 boiled egg and spices – .93

Snack – Porridge 1/4 cup – .80

Lunch – Lentils & Bean Mix and 1/4 cup rice – 2.15

Snack – 1/4 cup Lentils & Bean Mix – 1.50

Dinner – Chickpea and Pea Soup – .84

Total Spend – AED 6.22

I certainly get tired far more quickly since starting the challenge.  I wonder how someone who eats like this or less constantly feels.  Do they just never have the energy?  I certainly pray the money we are raising together goes a long way to giving hope

Get behind a fantastic way to change the world and make it a better place.

Blessed Be,

Robyn xox


3 thoughts on “Live Below the Line… Day 3

  1. Jennifer

    I’d have to agree with the first line – i too have the flexibility of a rock (love the phrase!!). How shallow can people be. Most people who end up living like this have no real choice, there are many reasons why people are living like this. The say it’s their own fault is shallow and narrow minded. Good on you for doing it. 🙂

    1. AussieButterfly Post author

      Thanks Jennifer, I was utterly gobsmacked (very unlike me I will say) and I just smiled and said ‘I like to try to make a difference’, turned and walked away!

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