Live Below the Line… Day 2

Waking this morning I was excited that I would be having eggs for breakfast instead of porridge.  I am acutely aware that come Friday I can eat whatever I want and that I shouldn’t be so excited that I am having eggs for breakfast.  Anyone living in extreme poverty is grateful for everything they have yet I am almost doing a happy dance as I am having eggs.

But worse still, something bigger is on my mind aside from raising my own awareness to the struggles of others.

Oh caffeine how I miss thee!  I don’t drink coffee but I am almost English in my passion for tea.  I love my morning cup of tea while getting ready for work and a cup when I first arrive at work.  I also have a guilty treat of an energy drink most work days.  Therefore, two days without caffeine and my head is going to explode.  There is a little miner just behind my eyes pounding on my skull trying to get out.

By mid morning I have the stomach for the offending porridge.  How strange it is that something I normally love is turning my stomach but today less actual porridge and more water made for a snack I didn’t gag over.

Congratulations!!!! Today I went over the $500 dollar mark.  The congratulations is to you who sponsored.  There was a little chuckle reaching the $500 mark as it means I am eligible for a LBL (Live Below the Line for those not in the know – me!) t-shirt.  I am excited about this as hopefully it will raise more awareness when I wear it and then when I participate next year the awareness will help me raise more money for those most in need.

Yes I did say participate next year.  Despite my gagging on porridge and headaches I know what I am doing is making a difference.  As I am Australian, the money I raise goes towards Australia’s closest neighbour, no not New Zealand, but Papua New Guinea.  Life there is so completely different to that which the vast majority of Australians enjoy.

PNG is the poorest country in the Asia-Pacific region. Years of political instability and tribal conflict have broken down the country’s basic infrastructure, especially in rural areas. This means that young people in PNG face a severe lack of access to education and can’t gain the skills necessary to find a job.” (From Live Below the Line {au} website).

The money raised in 2012 is going towards building a new school, Kumbareta High School.  As someone that loves studying (though not always the exam bit).  Scholarships will mean that all students can attend the school which will provide traditional education as well as special needs learning and vocational training.  Education is the key to breaking the circle of poverty.

I must say lentils and beans certainly taste better the second day.  Lunch was actually a very pleasant affair.  I didn’t even bring rice to fill it out this time.

I started to struggle towards the end of the day and going to the mall was yet another punishment.  Cold Rock Ice-creamery and its waffle smell wafting out is almost cause to hold ones breathe for just a little too long.  My resolve to complete this challenge is strengthen each time I smell something I want.  Cinnabon, ice-cream sunday, hot chips and more importantly I will be savouring my first cup of tea.

So todays food was much nicer than yesterday and it even cost less:

Breakfast – 2 Eggs and Spices – 1.51

Snack – Porridge 1/4 cup – .80

Lunch – Beans and Lentil Mix – 1.70

Dinner – Chickpea and Pea Soup – .84

Total Spend – AED 4.85

AED 4.85 is equivalent to AU $1.29.  This challenge if anything has really opened my eyes to how much I actually spend on food.

I am praying tomorrow means less headaches.  I may even attempt a little yoga in the morning to maintain my fitness whilst participating!

Blessed Be

Robyn xox


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