Live Below the Line…Day 1

Day one begins at 0430 when I sit blot upright then can’t fall back asleep.  Not sure if I am worried about the challenge or work.  I am betting on both as I am nervous I will tell someone to go bounce because I will be potentially going through caffeine withdrawals.  So the challenge beings with me over cooking cooking my chickpea and pea mix and then onto making a delicious breakfast of oats, porridge, sludge whatever you wish to call it…

Don’t get me wrong I normally love porridge but it tastes somewhat vile without milk and honey.  The bland taste of porridge is enough to make me already I am grateful that normally this breakfast for me would be covered in milk and honey and a nice cup of tea to go along with it. Oats on their own are well just horrible.  I’m struggling to get even 1/2 a cup down but a few gulping moments breakfast is down.

Oh no cup of tea… after arriving at work normally I would have a cup of tea.  A glass of hot water just doesn’t have that same effect and I pray that I don’t get caffeine withdrawals too quickly.

By midmorning I am starving but as I am in a meeting my stomach just has to wait.  After a large cook up yesterday and cooking the chickpeas and green peas this morning I know I have enough food to feed easily two or three people albeit it will be a rather boring week of food.

Everyone kindly has been saying; can I donate food too you, how about a donut or some chocolate?  Mmmm that got me thinking about Cinnabon rolls!  I had the pleasure of having my first Cinnabon roll on Friday – then another on Saturday as they are addictive.  For those that have not had the sinful pleasure, a cinnabon roll is a warm dough filled with tempting Makara® Cinnamon, topped with rich cream cheese frosting (insert Homer Simpson noises here!).  It’s sinfully sexy and I am looking forward to Friday as I am getting another one.

After this craving for a cinnabon attempting to chew on my bean mix and rice for lunch was unappealing.  Now don’t get me wrong I normally love lentils and chickpeas but somehow knowing I can only eat this for the tiny fraction of five days is almost heartbreaking.  Then the reality of what I am doing hits home.

1.4 billion people eat meals of porridge, lentils and rice EVERY SINGLE DAY.  

So whilst I am screwing my nose up at a somewhat bland lunch and knowing that when I get home I will have the same lentil mixed turned into a soup I have nothing to complain about.

Tonight after getting through my French lessons caffeine free (I’ve got a bad habit of getting an energy drink just before class) and purchasing my eggs (looking forward to breakfast tomorrow!) I desperately needed to get out of the mall.  All the smells are so tempting but I finally I make it home and make a brilliant soup.  Must blend the lentil mix into a nice dal or add more water to make soup again as that works much better than the current mix.

So here is what I ate today and my expenditure:

Breakfast – Porridge 1/2 cup – 1.60

Lunch – Beans and Rice – 2.15

Dinner – Soup – 1.50

Total Spend: AED 5.25

So I am AED 2.35 below my budget.  Feeling very happy about that and a MASSIVE thank you to all my sponsors so far!  One thing for sure at the end of the first day I am so surprised just how little it does cost to feed oneself.

Lets see what tomorrow brings but for now I am tired and my bed is calling!

Bonne nuit

Blessed Be

Robyn xox


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