Live Below the Line….Market Research and Shopping

Firstly, I want to say thank you to those who have sponsored me in this challenge, without you and the awareness we raise the only person this affects is me but with you it helps the lives of many. Secondly, just a reminder that I am completing my challenge from Sunday to Thursday being my working week.

Red Onion 1.00
Chickpeas 3.55
Chana Dal 3.00
Dried Peas 1.95
Red Kidney Beans 1.90
Green Lentils 1.65
Rice 6.90
Tomato (canned) 3.10
Spice Mix 3.50
Stock Cubes 1.20
Oats 4.95

After trawling a number of shops along my metro line and near my home and office, Carrefour came in almost AED10 less than three other stores.   AED38 does not look like a lot of money but I was more than just a little bit shocked that it actually does go a long way.  I couldn’t believe just how much food it actually does buy.

I know I could have probably found everything much cheaper again had I went to LuLu Hypermarket or further down near Deira.  However I know that spending AED50 or 60 to get there would defeat the purpose of participating in the challenge.

There would have been six eggs also in this picture but a misunderstanding between myself and the cashier when I questioned the price (Label on shelf read AED3.30 and it scanned as AED3.50) caused him to delete the eggs and despite my best efforts at getting him to re-scan them I left frustrated without my eggs.

When you only have a small amount you question everything! 

Now the issue is my dried lentil and beans cooking skills are somewhat basic and unsuccessful.   I have a colleague arriving soon for Lentils 101 so hopefully with our combined effort my week won’t be just rice.  My mind is already racing to the fact I have no salt or oil as I could not afford it as one person.  Will also be interesting not having caffeine for 5 days.

This will also be the first week that I will be dairy and meat free.  I have on my ‘life list’ to be vegetarian for a period of time but I won’t be counting this towards that.

I will confess that I am nervous about the challenge.  Its complete habit for me to make a cup of tea in the morning to have while getting ready for work.  The 3pm slump at work where I want crisps or the nuts that I tend to snack on all day.  I am always hungry and always eating.

Time for Lentils 101! Oh and I still have AED3.60 to spend on eggs tomorrow ;o)

Blessed Be

Robyn xox


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