12WBT…The End…

I have to almost pinch myself to think its already been 12 weeks since I first started my quest of getting my health and happiness back on track.  It has certainly been a roller-coaster 12 weeks.

I didn’t necessarily need to lose weight.  When I registered to commence the 12WBT I was within my healthy weight range.  Monitoring my weight each week showed me that a break in routine can affect everything.  I initially dropped from 60kg to 58kg but then rapidly gained 4.2kg whilst on holiday with family.

Don’t get me wrong I do not regret for one moment enjoying myself with family.

One thing is very evident, the perfect weight according to my own body is 60kg and I naturally hover around this weight when I am not consuming ‘holiday’ food.  The proof however that my body composition  is what really needed to be changed is very evident in my before and after photos.

I spent a number of days this week thinking that not much had changed and that my butt was still going south.  Whilst I am not where I thought I would be after 12 weeks I have no idea what I was worried about.

Week 1 my measurements were 37.2 – 31.4 – 37.8 and progressively as the weeks ticked over I lost centimetre after centimetre while not losing weight.  This fact made me very happy.  My last measurement today was 37 – 30.1 – 35.6.  I have lost a total of 16cm from my body.  My total weight lost has been .3%.

I am not participating in the next 12WBT and I am taking a week off while participate in the ‘Live Below the Line’ challenge.  I will be living off only porridge, chickpeas, lentils and rice whilst still maintaining my normal work and study schedule.  I know I am going to lacking energy so to spare everyone I work with from a hungry, cranky cow I am not going to expend more energy than I need too.

The week after however I will be back in full swing following Tim Ferris’s 4 Hour Body slow carb diet.  I will also be training for my June climb of Mt Toubkal in Morocco.  I hope I have inspired you to get off the couch, exercise and enjoy life to its fullest.

See you on my next leopard print wearing run ;o)

Blessed Be

Robyn xox


2 thoughts on “12WBT…The End…

  1. bettybooindubai

    Love it Robyn – its made such a change to your body shape. You’ve inspired me to post my pics too – just need a little ‘dutch courage’ and I’ll post them later. Well done – you look AMAZING. I’m doing the 4 hour body now and it’s FAB – though feel a bit sloth like today after my Cheat meal yesterday and up a few pounds as predicted. Good luck with your poverty challenge xx

  2. AussieButterfly Post author

    Oh I know what you mean about feeling sluggish with the cheat meal. I was so ill on Thursday! But a good tip, drink 4 tablespoons of fresh squeezed lemon juice and it helps eliminate the sugar spike. I didn’t believe this till I tried it! Will have to catch up as soon as my poverty challenge is over xoxo


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