My hometown in 500 words: Cooroy, Queensland, Australia

To me, Cooroy is God’s playground.

Cooroy 'Heart of the Hinterland" - Courtesy of Flicker

Escape the city or the beach to an ideally located village nestled amongst rolling green hills which splendidly blends conservatism with hippy new age charm.

Cooroy Town Clock - Courtesy of Flicker

From Wimmers double sarsaparilla, to Lake MacDonalds’ dam wall rushing over during big rains, to the town clock’s four faces being the most unreliable source of time this quaint little urban village is home.  My hometown boasts a hinterland charm that instantly relaxes me the moment I’m driven off the Bruce Highway around the swiping left bend exit ramp that is angled so smoothly that if you don’t flick off your indicator off it can stay on for another kilometre to you finally make a right turn.

Explaining to anyone who doesn’t live within a 50km radius of Cooroy where it is, the temptation to say: “Just inland from Noosa” is always there. But in truth the best response is, “In the heart of the Noosa Hinterland”.

Quirky Street Benches - Courtesy of Flicker

Passing the high school pool that I learnt to swim in and graduated from after attending for my senior years, up over the railway bridge and past the service station that I used to walk past and grab a large hot chips with chicken salt and vinegar, through the towns only set of lights in front of old my primary school, I am finally home.   Street names like Ruby, Diamond, Emerald and Amethyst highlight the little gem in which I was raised.

Wimmers Factory - Courtesy of

Many historic buildings have changed little from the pioneering days.  A stroll down Maple Street brings back a multitude of childhood memories.  The Victory Hotel, though now remodelled and restyled so much that it belongs in Noosa, holds memories of ‘The Golden Goose Raffle’ and my Dad’s truck parked in the first space and more recent memories of karaoke with friends.  The Wimmers factory instantly makes my mouth water at the thought of a lemon, lime and bitters or a double sarsaparilla. The newsagent taps into this phenomenon by locating a fridge with every Wimmers soft drink on display at the front of his store.  Twisting the lid off quickly so gulp down the delicious sweet nectar making 6 again, this may have something to do with an instant sugar rush but I adore and savour it anyway.

Whilst a bustling town you don’t come to Cooroy if you want fast paced life.   A trip to the shops means running into people that remember my parents childhood as well as mine and bumping into old school friends raising their families as we were raised.  Latte’s with friends at Pete’s Cafe or drinks with the old boys at the RSL (Returned Servicemen Leagues) Club on Thursdays.

Cooroy Railway Station - Courtesy of Flicker

From the train station that first gave me my love of trains, the cemetery where family I love lay in peace and the quirky main street benches this will always be my home regardless of which foreign soil I trek. If only the four faces of the town clock all read the same time! 


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