Breaking One Hour: 57.13mins….

Three months ago I was heart broken and feeling unfit, unhealthy and very unattractive.  I’d found out my partner was in fact living 3 separate lives and our ‘relationship’ being the 3rd of those lives.  Today: I feel fit, healthy and attractive.

Whilst I still have one week left on the 12WBT Challenge today I completed my challenge goal.  Run 10 kms non-stop!

Dubai Desert Road Run - 2012

Being an ex-solider and someone that has run up to 16 kms before, I wasn’t apprehensive at all.  That is until in the period leading up to the run I’d managed to have chicken pox and work 260 hours in 4 weeks and a four day holiday in Djibouti.  Running or training for a race that I’d registered for 10 weeks ago was the furthest from my mind.

A 5 km the weekend before was proof enough to myself that I would be ok but I didn’t expect great things.  Teamed with a new sports bra (I throughly recommend Shock Absorber Sports Bras), my sassy leopard print underpants and having roped in a colleague to come suffer the pain with me I was determined to run the 10 kms in under 80 mins and non-stop.

I don’t know where I got 80 minutes from and I set the bar WAY to low but I was nervous about the lack of run training leading into the event.  I didn’t even remotely consider the idea that I could run 10 kms in under 1 hour.

Halfway through the race the heat and my dreadful attempts at drinking water out of little cups were starting to take its toll on me.  I felt like death on legs.  Girls that were much larger than me and that certainly didn’t look like runners streaked past me like leopards.  My choice in music was not motivating me at all and all I could think about wasCliff Young and the shuffle, so I just placed one foot in foot of the other.

Pacing off people caused issues when they would stop dead at drink stations and then walk.  I had my mission of non-stop and god damn I was going to do it.  My face was more than just red, it was a toxic glow.  My ankle was saying I am going to punish you for doing this but my spirits jumped up and I could feel the end in sight.

The last 2 kms I decided that I need to kick it back a gear and finish before the girl in front of me that physically looked like she’d never exercised in her life but was running far more smoothly and graceful than me.

16.22 mins after my colleague had crossed the line I could see the end and the clock read 57.33 mins.  Within seconds of crossing the line I was sitting on the floor exhausted but internally jumping for joy.  The feeling of having run under 1 hour was thrilling and I didn’t expect it given my lack of a successful lead up so that made it all the more rewarding.

57.13 mins - toxic red glow

My official time was 57.13 mins and in the women’s over 35 division I was 4th.  142 overall place in a field of 220 finishes of 224 starters.  Now the only question remains is……when is the next run?


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