12WBT…A Sprint to the Finish…

Coming into week 11 and I am feeling pretty damn amazing.  I have to confess I am not following the food plan but I have been very conscious of my eating and when I have a little treat I know that I need to be very aware of what I eat for the remainder of the day.

I caught up with another 12WBT on the weekend to listen to a very inspirational man – Omar Samra – about climbing Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Elbrus.  The idea of doing the 7 summits is now in the back of my head and on constant replay.  It was so good to see another 12WBT and to see just how amazing she looks! Full of confidence and being fit is very much the new sexy!

For now however this week has its own sprint to the finish challenge.

Early in the 12WBT I paid to run in the Dubai Desert 10km run.  Little did I know I would have my training hindered by chickenpox, increased workload and a number of holiday breaks.  Though I did manage on Friday to do a 5km run non-stop and today I am not sore, so I know I will be fine.  I might be the last one back in but I will survive it!

Day Exercise
Sunday 3km Run (1km in middle fartlek running)
Monday Kettlebell workout
Tuesday 20min Xtrainer

20min Run

Wednesday ANZAC Day Dawn Service Rest Day
Thursday Pilates Perfect Body DVD
Friday Rest Day
Saturday Dubai Desert 10km Run

This is the first time I am adding a kettlebell workout.  It is going to be a dumbbell substituted workout as the gym doesn’t have any kettlebells but I am still feeling a little sore already.  This workout has been given to me by a colleague who I am sure knows this will hurt like hell but if done properly has brilliant results.

I made the decision during the week not to continue with the next 12WBT.  The next fortnight, at least for now, will be the end of my 12WBT participation.  I am extremely grateful to the girl who first posted on Facebook that she was getting ready for it as it has increased the quality of my life and subsequently my confidence is rising and my figure is feeling amazing.  I am actually looking forward to posting a picture at the very end.

Remember to be sassy and smile, oh and drink water to keep away the headaches (must remember to act on my own advice!)

Blessed Be

Robyn xox


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