My inner leopard…

This morning I woke feeling refreshed and ready to take on my super session.  Now I have a pretty dry sense of humour so when I was getting dressed knowing I was going to go for a run I saw my leopard print underpants.  Through my head ran ‘no I can’t do that, I shouldn’t do that, you can’t wear a pair of mircofibre slinky leopard print knickers to go running’ then the bigger thought of: ‘oh come on show some sass and channel your inner leopard’.

So off out the door I headed in my leopard print sassiness.  Now 1km into the run I did not feel so god damn sassy.  My ankles protested at running on pavers and my lunges screamed ‘do you need to run outside in the desert when there is more sand in the air than on the ground?’.  As the meters ticked by I began to feel more and more alive and the leopard print kept me giggling inside.

As I ran past other people I smiled and thought to myself in a completely childish voice ‘they don’t know what I am wearing’.  Whilst I can’t imagine many other people sporting a pair of leopard print knickers to boost their running somehow it did just that for me.

The last 800 metres saw me running with a French gentleman around the age of 60 and discussing running in Dubai and me showing off my French skills.  My French skills are still quiet limited but given I combined the last 800 meters of a 5 km run attempting to speak French to a spritely older gentleman proved without fail those leopard print sassiness helped me to add a little extra confidence to my day.

Show some sass today!

Blessed Be

Robyn xox

P.S. Despite my picture being with a cheetah not a leopard channeling your inner cheetah doesn’t sound as sassy as your inner leopard and this morning was all about the sass!


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