12WBT… Week 10… Support Not Sabotage

Looking back over the past few weeks it could be easy to make the assumption that I was sabotaging my training.  Though was it that I didn’t realise that my mind was subconsciously sabotaging my goals.  Illness, holidays, blatant laziness at times and working over 200 hours in the last 30 days have contributed to many a day with no training and many days not eating well.  In fact a spent almost an entire week without consuming anything of note.

Subconsciously however I obviously wanted to increase my fitness and health as I had the surprise of my life.  I finally did week 8’s fitness test on Friday and I shocked myself with my run time – 1 km in 4 mins 48 secs.  It’s been years since I ran under 5 mins for 1 km and given my illness and lack of training in the preceding weeks I am very happy.  In total I have lost 11.5 cm and  when I look in the mirror I am toning up and therefore smiling more at myself in the mirror however corny that is.

Day Exercise
Sunday Zumba 20 min express
Monday Zumba Sculpt & Tone and Zumba Abs
Tuesday 3km Run
Wednesday Jillian Michaels DVD
Thursday Pilates Perfect Body DVD
Friday Super Session: Fat blasting Yoga/4 km run
Saturday Rest Day

With only 3 weeks to go until the end of the 12WBT I am actually starting to get a little sad that this journey is coming to an end.  One amazing thing about journeys coming to an end another one starts.  The internal debate has commenced about continuing this journey of 12WBT challenges this year or do I look at my training and start focusing on the fact I am climbing a 4,167 m and a 5,895 m mountain this year.  Oh that is a lot of steps and given I live in Dubai which is flat the stepper and xtrainer with a back pack and my boots on is going to have to become my best friend.

At the back of my head a little voice says, what about doing the half marathon 12WBT training program next time.  I want to complete a marathon in January 2012 but figure I actually need to at least do a half marathon prior to then.  In between working,  mountain climbing planning and continuing my French lessons I only have till the 07 May to decide if I am going to remain a 12WBT girl or branch out on my own.  I guess only time will tell what I will do!  I will likely get someone to assist me with a biometric test to see what my body wants to do.

Keep dancing, smiling,  training and keep pushing the envelope!

Blessed Be

Robyn xox


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