12WBT… Week 9… To Carb or Not to Carb

I’m starting week 9 a little late as I have just spent a long weekend in Djibouti (I’ll post about that tomorrow night when I can download my pictures).  I am now fully recovered from my chickenpox and even enjoyed a lovely 14 km hike on Friday.  Onto week 9, carbs are my passion and weakness.  There is nothing yummier than carbs or is there.

Last night I had a delicious Djiboutian Fish Skewer and a fruit platter for dinner.  Saying that the past few days have proved extremely difficult to maintain a healthy diet when I can’t speak the language and pre-packed lunches have been carb central.  Apparently all non-French speakers must love hot chips as somehow a fruit salad was interpreted as chips and a bowl of hot chips was served (yes I ate them all as I LOVE hot chips).

This week I am excited to train again with much more intensity than the last month.  I am acutely aware after my 14 km hike that in less than 3 months I will be climbing a 4,167 mtr (13,671 ft) mountain very soon I will need to start training for that but for now I am focused on returning to normal training.

Day Exercise
Sunday Rest Day in Djibouti
Monday Zumba Sculpt & Tone and Zumba Abs
Tuesday Michelle Michael’s Workout DVD
Wednesday X Trainer 5 mins

Complete body dumbbell workout

Thursday Pilates Perfect Body DVD
Friday Super Session: Complete week 8 fitness test (yes a little late!!) Zumba live / 4 km run
Saturday Yoga stretch session

I am not sure how successful I will be at keeping the carbs out of my diet this week as I have a dinner tomorrow night and then a seminar on Tuesday night.  Might have to eat the vegetarian options for the remainder of the week.  Looking forward to a busy week after my restful and enjoyable 4 days off.

Keep smiling when you train; it brings a little sparkle to your training.

Blessed Be,

Robyn xox


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