12WBT…Week 6 collapse…

Some people burn the candle at both ends by partying and working too hard.  I burn it at both ends by attempting to work and train at 120% capacity when a little run down (remember my Mum just went back to Australia and I don’t know the next time we will physically see each other).  This week literally brought me to my knees hugging the toilet bowl.  Add to that an official business visit to a consulate that ended with me requiring panadol from them, throwing up in a garden after getting off the metro on my way to the doctor and waking up drenched in sweat for 3 nights straight.

The intensity at work the week before pretty much tripled as the result of two emails, combine that with the fact I recently got promoted and involved in that was a pay rise, so a part of me needed to show I was worth the pay rise.  Trying to maintain a training schedule while working multiple hours meant I got up at 0430 to exercise and my body hated me for it.  After leaving a conference call to be sick I got one of my staff to book me an appointment with the doctor.  Bloods and urine revealed I was dehydrated but healthy.  By Thursday my lunges felt like they were burning and I was feel dreadfully weak.

Most people after the consulate episode would stop and recovery, not me! Bright spark that I am continued to work, I certainly didn’t train but I continued to work 10 to 12 hour days.  Thursday night I went back to the doctor.  I was so worried about the fact my lungs felt like they were burning when I breathed deep.  The doctor asked straight up, ‘did you take time to rest?’, my answer of no got me chastised and he got me to listen to my own chest, my lungs are clear and fine.  My body however are loudly telling me to rest.  On doctors orders I went straight down and booked a massage and reflexology treatment for the next day.

My fitness aspirations need to be put into perspective when my work/life balance is catapulted in the work direction.  The workload will decrease after the initial role out therefore slowly down on life side of the work/life balance is not a step backwards.  To achieve my goals a simple recalculation and putting my expectations on check is required.

I think it’s time for a radox spa bath and a little later my massage and reflexology.  Do for yourself today what I haven’t been this past week, be gentle and loving!

Blessed Be

Robyn xox


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