12WBT…Week 4 and 5 wrapped up

I can’t believe that 5 weeks of the 12 week body transformation is already over.  Sadly, however I have ended the week with an ice pack on my left knee.  See here lies the problem…part of week 3 was spent sick and week 4 was spent in Zambia, the first half of week 5 was the last few days with my Mum before she went back to Australia.  All perfect excused for the labrador inside me to fully kick in.  How quickly the habit of doing nothing takes over.

Relaxing, eating and enjoying Zambia meant I choose not to train.  A little bit did have to do with the guide giving me a dumb look when I asked him if I could run.  His response was ‘No Ma’am, you don’t want to get chased by any animals’, needless to say that was the perfect excuse for me not to do any training.  I could have easily done body weight circuits on the deck but the labrador was sleeping in the sun instead.

When I arrived back from Zambia my weight had jumped 2kgs and not in the down direction.  After tears and farewelling my mother I kicked back into 0500 starts and 0530 training.  It felt good to be up again and training and making healthy eating choices.  So on Friday I set off to the gym with the goal of burning a large quantity of calories.  Although on the 12WBT the goal is for 1000 calories I was aiming more to see what I could burn doing a slow long run.

Just over one hour later and 615 calories later I’d run 8km and walked another 1km.  Fast forward a few hours and I am limping and cursing my knees.  You see the reality snap here is that I haven’t run in over 2.5 weeks; so to go straight out and run 8km is just well in a word, stupid.  My joints are telling me very clearly to build up to distances. Fast forward again to Saturday morning after ice and tiger balm massages, I can walk again and my knees have apparently partially forgiven me.

Tomorrow is the start of week 6.  Already half way through the challenge and yes I am starting to notice results.  My legs look leaner and my triceps are starting to feel tight and terrific.  Despite the weight fluctuations I have lost a centimetre from my bust, waist and hips.  And the beginnings of saddlebags seem to have been sucked away.  I’m feeling flirty and dare I say it sexy for the first time since January.

For now its time to finalise the shopping list, set up my new minigreenhouse, go shopping and get set for week 6.  This week I plan to be nicer to my knees by not over running this week.  I know some good quality glucosamine is going to be purchased to assist the healing and support my joints.  By all accounts its going to be a busy week, I have worked a couple of late nights and part of my weekend and I know this week isn’t shaping up to be a slow one but there is something about knowing what fitness and nutritional plan is mapped out that makes the work week much easier.

Hope to see you get out and about getting sweaty and fit!

Blessed Be

Robyn xox


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