12WBT…HALF WAY!!!… Week 6 Plan

My knee is still slightly tender today so I am going to brave the training with 3/4 gusto this week.  I desperately want to run but will be sensible and only do two semi shorter runs.  There is something about running that calms my mind and lets me focus.  The runners grove, something I didn’t expect to find running on a treadmill has me wishing for me of that feeling.  I used to get it in Australia but it has been years since I have run in the zone and not worked hard for it.  Tragically the first time I feel it in Dubai I end up with an iced knee.

This week I am getting back to a little Zumba.  It makes me giggle and smile and I like to think I am getting better at it.  Though I probably still look less than coordinated but that is the joy of working out in your lounge room, nobody can see you being a fool!

Day Exercise
Sunday Shannan Ponton/Michelle Bridges Calorie Killer Circuit DVD
Monday Zumba Sculpt & Tone and Zumba Abs
Tuesday Michelle Michael’s Workout DVD
Wednesday X Trainer 5 mins

Run 2 km

30 mins Yoga Tone

Thursday Pilates Perfect Body DVD
Friday Super Session: Zumba live / 5 km run / Zumba abs
Saturday Yoga stretch session – Rest Day

This week is going to be a busy week at work so planning will be a major factor in ensuring that I eat well and get enough sleep.   Training in the mornings is certainly the best option for me when I cannot be sure what time I will be getting out of the office each evening.

I am looking forward to this weeks food and exercise! So on that note its time to get some sleep as tomorrow will be a 0430 start!  Early work task means earlier workout….

Hope you all get out there and get running.

Blessed Be

Robyn xox


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