12WBT…Labrador sleeping…Week 3 Update

This week ended up being a complete shambles.   My mother arrived from Australia sick and therefore I ended up slightly getting her cold.  Needless to say I decided for my own good that I would take some days off towards the end of the week as my body temperature was starting to rise,  I had a growing headache and after two almost sleepless nights I did not want to get sick prior to going to Zambia.

Also going on leave means ensuring everything at work is up to date and being able to walk away feeling like you can leave the office back in the office and not taken with me in my luggage out on adventure.  I have never really been any good at doing that since leaving the Army but hopefully this trip won’t be too bad.  The mad flurry of trying to get everything done, French lessons, trying to spend time with my mother and being a creature of habit, having my routines all changed, certainly took its tool on my program.

This week also saw me weigh in on a new set of scales and apparently gain 2.4kg, surely I didn’t get that far off track and this was before I took the days off.  I got back on my old scales and I lost the 2.4kg instantly…. now I am completely confused at what weight I actually started at.  But I do know that I have lost fat around my stomach as I am using the next hole in my belt.  Again I don’t need to lose weight persay but I do want to lose the potbelly and the untoned thighs and butt.

I am writing this from Zambia where after less than 24 hours I know I won’t be calorie counting or training much but I am going to enjoy my holiday with my family and experience all that life has to offer me here.  Which includes the hope that this slight headache I have had since Tuesday will finally abate and I won’t get Mum’s illness!

Blessed Be

Robyn xox


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