12WBT… Old habits didn’t die quickly…Week 2 update

It’s pitch black and this screaming horrific noise shatters your peaceful bliss.  The sound of 0500 and an alarm that pierces your ear drums can snap you out of a pleasant dream and flash you right into reality that you have committed to getting up 6 days a week and get fit and healthy again.  Some mornings this week I just wanted to pull the covers over my head and not get out of bed.  Each morning however I dragged my butt out of bed because that feeling that its sliding down the back of my thighs instead of being pert and firm drives me on.

Weigh in on Wednesday morning again resulted in weight loss which I don’t actually need so this set off a slightly bats reaction and in the end I decided to treat myself twice and I haven’t even reached “Friday Night Treat Night”.  How quickly though did I feel the results of my decision to indulge.  On Wednesday after my lunch I had a very delicious caramel and pistachios cheesecake and whilst I couldn’t actually eat it all come dinner time I couldn’t actually stomach the idea of any food.  An apple then replaced what should have been a lovely meal.

Thursday injected even more treat in the form of pub ‘fish & chips’ for lunch.  I again couldn’t eat all the meal and even as I ordered it I couldn’t understand why on earth I was doing it.  Especially given that morning instead of doing 55 mins of pilates I managed to do 20 so I could sleep a little longer.  Notice the pattern of laziness creeping in.  So the week of old habits die fast was a case of give it a little testing tease to see if I can test the 12WBT concept.

I also come to the realisation that I have been short changing myself on food.  I was attempting to keep my entire daily calorie count to 1200 yet when I bothered to really read the nutrition plan I noticed it said ‘Girls stick to an average of 1200 calories per day. There is a 300 cal allowance each day for coffee, tea and snacks.’  Here I have been watching everything I ate to ensure I didn’t go over 1200 and I had been stitching myself of 300 calories.  Won’t be making that mistake again, I love my food WAY too much for that.

Back to my 1kg weight loss; this now puts me just in the healthy BMI range.  I don’t need to lose any more weight but need to tone up and also given that I have enrolled in two runs at the end of the 12 weeks best I get pounding the pavement.  So next week I commence a bastardised Lean & Fit / 10km running program.  If you can’t tell be now I tend not follow anything to the letter.

I took photos of the gym in my building and at 0530 in the morning its peaceful.  So the thing that amazes me was that the week was going great, yes getting out of bed hurt at 0500 but getting to the end of the day attempting to training was never going to happen.  But in that one moment of having lost weight and being under my goal weight an interesting string of events clicked a little switch in my brain and decide to eat unhealthy food again.  I can certainly see next week will be a little different as the headache that has accompanied me ever since having the cheesecake is not pleasant.

Tomorrow after my mother has landed and is freshening up after a 16 hour flight from Australia I am going to be pounding the treadmill and remembering why I am doing this and my commitment to a better life.

Blessed Be

Robyn xox


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