12WBT… Week 2 (Old habits die fast) Plan…

Sitting down this weekend to plan my weeks worth of meals and my exercise has been very balancing.  I had been extremely erratic with my eating and exercise prior to committing to the 12WBT.  I have even factored into my plan that my mother is arriving on Friday morning.  While she freshens up from a 16 hour flight I will go off and do my Super Session!

In an effort not to get bored with the current workouts I was doing I purchased a few more DVD’s.   I had started to become very bored with the same pilates DVD so mixing it up will prevent exercise boredom.

Day Exercise
Sunday Michelle Michael’s Workout DVD
Monday 5 min X trainer

1: Free standing squat / Pushups on knees

2: Bench press / Scapular wall slides

3: Step ups / Standing shoulder press

4: Hamstring curls on bench / Tricep dips

1 min efforts: Jump over the bench & burpees back of bench

5: Crunches / crunch pluses

(numbers indicate super sets)

Tuesday 5 min X trainer

Learn to Run – 15 min

5 min X trainer

20 min bike

Wednesday 5 min X trainer

1: Sumo squats / Bench press

2: Lunges / Push ups on knees

3: Step ups / Tricep pushups

4: Scapular wall slide / Sumo squat lower half

1 min efforts: Jump over the bench & burpees back of bench

Circuit: Leg extension singles / leg raises / reverse crunch

Thursday Trudie Syler’s Core Strength Pilates DVD
Friday Super Session: Zumba live / 3 km run / Zumba abs
Saturday Yoga stretch session – Rest Day

Whilst not much happened outwardly in one week of training something happened internally already.  Getting up at 0500 and being in the gym or dancing around the lounge room by 0530 created a sense of fun and lightness that had slowly evaporated over time.  I had more of a spring in my step, when the muscles soreness didn’t inhibit my movement that is.

I did also buy myself a new pair of running shoes after feeling like my feet were going to explode on Friday’s run.  I tried on many shoes over the last few weeks and finally entered the Nike store having said about 15 years ago I wouldn’t buy another pair.  Well what do you know Nike’s Free Run+2 shoe was comfortable and very lightweight.  I must of looked a sight bouncing and running around the store.  With all the troubles I have had with my feet over the years I was not letting this decision down to just how they felt standing still.  I do however note they are the most boring pair of coloured shoes I have ever brought for exercise.

16 hours till my next workout, time to rest up and do some cooking.

Blessed Be

Robyn xox


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